Tim Sherwood sacked as Tottenham manager

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, May 13, 2014.

  • by gusrowe, May 13, 2014 at 1:25 PM
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    We knew it was coming but I am a little disappointed

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, May 13, 2014.

  1. Thfc28
    If only could exercise an option that Levy & Co could GO we'll be seeing alot more of this..our foundation sucks
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  2. postigol
    Am disappointed he didn't get the support, but am not disappointed that this has happened - he has been a lame duck manager for a few weeks as everyone knew he was going. The players were either disinterested or tweeting against him, the board said nothing in support, many fans were against him from the outset, and thrashings by Citeh and Liverpool swelled their numbers.
    Levy has moved quickly, as quick as he could IMHO as sacking before the last game or Ledley's testimonial would have led to more farce and the wrong headlines. Moving that quick DOES show his mind was made up a while ago, presumably when it all leaked a few weeks back.
    I hope he moves just as quickly to get the new Head Coach and his team in place and gives them the support they need. If Ferdinand leaves too, then we're going to be very short of coaches as AVB's team were never replaced with new recruits after they went.
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  3. Gaz_Gammon
    I think that i read somewhere that Sherwood is the ninth manager fired since 2001 by Spurs. That fact should tell anyone with an ounce of sense why we will never become a perennial top four footballing side.

    You would have thought that by the law of averages even the most unluckiest of unlucky football Chairman would get one appointment right.

    So onto number ten,.................. lucky ten perhaps.
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  4. Lufti
    If you hadn't let yourself believe that Tim was going to be here for the long run then you wouldn't be upset/annoyed by this news
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  5. LexingtonSpurs
    Who was the last manager who should not have been sacked?
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  6. Gaz_Gammon
    Hindsight is a great thing, i can only say what i was told from someone very close to the Board some two months ago. I am not annoyed that Sherwood has gone, and anyway we all know that the time left at the club for the next manager is ticking away already.
  7. Gaz_Gammon
    Redknapp........for sure with Jol a close second.
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  8. davidgee
    ...We all knew it was going to happen... and all wanted him to succeed... but also wanted a TOP TOP manager to take over... cant have it both ways
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  9. vigospur
    Everyone will have their own opinion but surely the bigger question is why is the Club constantly appointing the wrong man. Or are they dumping the right man too soon?
    It is a horrendous recruitment record which is in danger of being Levy's legacy.
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  10. the shelf
    I think time has blurred the reality of quite how bad it was under Jol towards the end and Redknapp signed his own death warrant whoring himself out for the England job. Sherwood was another Redknapp, a glorified self publicist who constantly contradicted himself and basically made himself look an idiot most of the time.
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  11. Fruendsreunited
    Personally I cannot stand the guy, he thinks he is a hard man and acts like he has already been there and done it already. He definately needed media training but could you see him ever listening??? The bloke is a prize bell-end and his arrogance amazes me, could you imagine working under this tool on a day by day basis?

    As for the comments about sacking another manager, he was never a permanent hire. Why on earth would you pin all your hopes on a manager without even an FA Coaching badge. You could imagine him slagging AVB off all season, and then putting himself forward after he was sacked. Levy must have been rubbing his hands together ... Tim hung himself and now he's gone.

    Thank fuck for that
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  12. teok
    Good stuff, let's move on with the next chapter. I want to be looking forward to spurs matches again.
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  13. stuffies
    Well all done and dusted now ...so NOW the club must move on fast ...get the correct guy and give them ....2-3 seasons at least.
    The new guy is going to have to learn about his players and whats needed and what we don't need.
    The squad we have is good ....IF they play like they can do,but more importantly as a team.
    But with a new guy it means new ways for the players ....hopefully for the better but it will take time and for once DL and CO are going to have to give the new coach the time needed.

    Just hope we get someone in over the next week now ....and get this new era started asap
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  14. rupsmith
    I've said this before and I say it again, I was a fan of Tim's and thank him for his contribution to our club.

    Remember, no matter what happens next year we will probably end up 6th again. City, Chelsea, Arsenal, United, Liverpool are bigger teams than us. Everton and us will scrap for 6th. If we do get to the same position under some genius new big name manger as we did under Tim, I wonder what a lot of people on this site will say.

    A lot of people on here are very very critical of Tim as a person and his managerial tenure. While criticism is fine, I hope they have some idea of who the ideal replacement would be and why.

    Because otherwise, it will just result in another cycle of criticism again. Remember, the only person who got us into the Champions League was crucified here each week and AVB was heralded as the messiah.

    It's very easy to criticise - not so easy to back it up with realistic alternatives for a club our size.
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  15. eurodat
    Yes, he had to go but something about the way Spurs handle things these days makes me feel sick. It's all about business I guess but sadly it still makes me embarrassed to be a Spurs fan sometimes and I've supported them since the 1967 cup final against Chelsea.

    No idea who we need now but i really hope they are given a chance to succeed.
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  16. stuffies
    I liked his passion and desire to win ....but for all his good,he had just as many faults with his handling of players/tatics/media.
    So I wasn't an hater myself but I just think the spurs job is too early for him ....he needs to learn the trade at a lower club,without the pressure that comes with the spurs job etc....

    As for we might finish 6th ...same as we did with Tim ....well that could be the case but THIS season its the style of play and the heavy defeats that hurts the most and guessing so for most fans.....so come next season if we finish 6th BUT the heavy defeats have gone and our footballing improved .....i'll take that.
    This new journey will not happen over night and I just hope DL gives the new guy the time it might take.
    Whilst next season there is clubs with more cash to burn and CL to offer ...we won't be the only team rebuilding .....Chelsea,utd will be,whilst Liverpool need to invest and come to terms with euro football aswell as the league ,not like this season.....arsenal also need to invest as their squad isn't big enough.

    All I can say though is bring on next season COYS
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  17. walton

    End thread.
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  18. Jonesey
    Some perspective is in order. Whatever comments his lack of media training led to they all pointed to the fact that the guy loves the club and wanted to succeed - both personally and for the club.

    And who can blame him? At least he had a go rather than delivering the drivel AVB served up week after week following his appointment. Last season looked far better than it was due to one man - and we sold him to Real Madrid basically because he wanted to go and we could command a record breaking fee for him.

    I say fair play to Sherwood. He was an interim appointment by an inept footballing board that limited the club's progression 3-years ago by not capitalizing on our champions league season in the transfer window with world class strikers and sacking our third best manager in our history and replacing him with a man who everyone knew couldn't hack it in the Premier League and had limited tactical and terrible player management skills.

    If they'd done their job better we might have made the champions league again and maybe even challenged for the title. Maybe we'd even still have the likes of Bale at the club. Unlikely but maybe.

    When Abramovich bought Chelsea they started winning things. When the Arabs bought City they started winning things. Many Spurs fans were heard to say, "well if we had £100mil to spend every transfer window we'd win stuff too."

    Well our esteemed board proved us all wrong didn't they.

    I say thanks Tim, for getting us playing slightly better football than under AVB, for bringing through some younger talent from the squad, for putting up with some shameless behavior by some fans, some of the primadona players who should also take their share of the blame and the board -- and for keeping us in Europe.

    Because being in the Europa next season could well lead to the champions League the next season if we can get ourselves a strong, experienced and tactically competent manager to replace the one we sacked 3-years ago, a new defence and a forward line of players who can each ship us 15-goals a season.

    He wasn't the best manager we've ever had but he had no previous experience and still did a damn sight better than AVB and deserves a bit of credit.
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