Tim Sherwood sacked as Tottenham manager

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, May 13, 2014.

  • by gusrowe, May 13, 2014 at 1:25 PM
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    We knew it was coming but I am a little disappointed

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, May 13, 2014.

  1. ginola007
    You are right. Players should be judged on a term longer than one season. Why then, was Sherwood given such a short-leash, or rather, no leash at all? I've criticized Sherwood several times in the past, but the standard by Levy in his judgement of his employees seems confusing at best.
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  2. guiltyparty
    So glad someone wrote this

    "Loves the club". Don't make me laugh. Someone who loved the club wouldn't have strong armed us into a longer contract to get himself a payoff. Like, say, Hoddle

    And Hoddle's managed England, spurs, Chelsea, Swindon. Sherwood had managed no one.

    If you think that's love, and each of his self-aggrandising declarations equates as pillow talk, I pity your relationships
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  3. Japhet

    Managers don't get a bedding in period. They don't have to build understanding with team-mates or develop intuition of what's going on around them. Having an idea of what you want (Manager) and putting it into practice (Players) are radically different.
  4. littlemandefoe
    Would of supported him if he stayed on. Was a breath of fresh air that could of taken Spurs further, there is something different he has and I reckon he'll do well elsewhere where a majority of fans won't give him shit every time he says something he believes!
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  5. Sweetsman
    Enjoying listening to the wailing coming from the collection of pricks known as Sky Sports. Jamie Redknapp must be whipping himself and speaking in Cockney tongues.
  6. GeneralBurk
    What planet are you living on? If your good at your job then it's only natural to try and better yourself.

    AVB was not tarted round for jobs because nobody was impressed or still awake with his 'unique brand' of turgid football.

    Take out Bale from the highlights of 12/13 and what do you have? We were a one man team under AVB.

    If AVB had proved to be top class then United would now be in discussions and about to appoint. If not them then Barcelona and so on.

    There will always be at least 10 jobs bigger than the Spurs job.

    Redknapp remains our most successful manager since Pleat in the late 80s and played the way fans want to see football.
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  7. UbeAstard
    What planet are you living on yourself? Interest was shown in AVB by a big, big club in France and decided to stay. Why wasn't he trying to better himself then?

    Planet clueless...
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  8. Gaz_Gammon

    The disconnect though is that they have a billionaire owner who can sit fifty million pounds worth of player on the bench without batting an eye.
  9. scissor_gang
    Well now that its official where to I apply for the position. I've been killing teams with our squad on Fifa14 all year.
  10. Gaz_Gammon

    Liverpool and Arsenal did for many a year, Celtic too. Those damn badges just must be worth there weight in gold.

    I think you will find that Moyes, Hodgeson, Ramos, Gross, and many more "managers" had those elusive badges that you talk of.
  11. slartibartfast
    Funniest comment on this thread has to be 'Redknapp had taken us as far as he could'. Seriously wtf??? I can only presume you mean he couldnt take us in the 'new direction' Levy refered to.
    I have no fuckin idea what new direction these people thought we were going to go in. Higher than 4th?? Win the league??? Semi final of CL???
    It worries me that we have a Chairman who is now set to appoint another manager and if God willing, he achieves 2 top 4 finishs in the next 3 years we can still expect this idiot to sack the bloke.
    On that premise we're fu#ked.
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  12. GeneralBurk
    I would probably suggest that, given his CV shows he's now on his 5th management job and has only seen a second season once (Spurs) he's a bit flighty and probably needed some stability.
  13. CrazyHeart
    YESSSS! Finally... what took you so long Daniel? Oh the testimonial... I'll let you off! Now, this doesn't redeem the AVB sacking that landed us in this freakin' mess - there's still one more thing to do : get a REAL manager in! One that the players can respect and communicate with (which means he's gotta be Spanish speaking and NOT Tim Sherwood)... but other than that... BRAVO Levy - Just do the next thing right, and for Pete's sake - give him some time and don't fuck with his plan, like you did with Andre!
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  14. slartibartfast
    Edited your post for you in bold. Now I agree with almost every word ;)
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  15. UbeAstard
    So PSG were interested in his 'unique brand' of turgid football' on the occasion you have dismissed his decision to remain in the job and not let something else completely distract him from his commitment, which noticeably and inarguably affected the teams performance (Harry Rednapp)?
    I like the planet I'm on where I believe a manager should act professionally.
  16. GeneralBurk
    A distracted Harry finished 4th in his final season. I accept that at one point we looked like we might make a title challenge and that we were all left disappointed.

    AVB never threatened to be top four and then made our best striker train with the youth team.

    He only got the jobs in the EPL on the misguided notion he was the new Mourinho. If he was half as good at his job as he is at getting jobs then we'd have progressed. Instead we went from flowing football to turgid football with Bale papering over the cracks.
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  17. ralvy
    Dude, he finished his only full season in charge of us just 1 point away from a top 4 place. Please stop spewing so much shit, it only reflects bad on your.
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  18. GeneralBurk
    We finished 5th despite his negative brand of football. Bale single-handedly dragged the team to a much higher league position then we merited.

    However we were never truly challenging the top 4. With 33 points at half way we improved in the 2nd half but we were only ever part of the chasing pack.

    Whereas the previous season we were 3rd for the majority before the distractions dropped us to 4th and then the worst team ever managed to win the ECL bumping us into the Europa League.

    He was a poor man manager for us and he was unable to adapt his game-plan. I will not miss him. He sucked the optimism and hope out of our game.

    Unfortunately for TS he was always going to be an interim manager while we sought something shiny and new from abroad.
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  19. CrazyHeart
    You're also missing the injuries and the fact that Levy didn't get us a much needed striker in January '13.
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  20. jenko
    No matter who says in charge this season we could not have finished above the top three. Our squad was not ready. 4th would have been an incredible achievement but I don't think any of our past managers would have gotten it.

    That does not mean I wanted Tim to stay but I blame Levy for bad appointments and a lack of stability. The billionaires have ruined this league for us so that top for is all we can ever chase. Liverpool came as close as they ever will of breaking the mould but they'll be seeing similar problems soon enough.
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