Tim Sherwood sacked as Tottenham manager

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, May 13, 2014.

  • by gusrowe, May 13, 2014 at 1:25 PM
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    We knew it was coming but I am a little disappointed

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, May 13, 2014.

  1. Fruendsreunited
    Capello left we were 13 points clear of Arsenal in 3rd. The England job was vacant Redknapp was in the papers every 5 minutes and we went on
    Are you talking about 20 years ago ? As Arsene Wenger has one. ... I think the game has moved on a few years since then.

    I think you'll find nearly EVERY manager has one, and most people who have, or want to work in the football industry. I have friends who coach under 10's who have one ..... but not Super Tim.. he knows it all already!
  2. Dinghy
    You have friends who coach under 10's with a FIFA pro licence?
  3. Gaz_Gammon

    And most who have one also have a P45 to go along with it.

    Coaching Badges are so overrated. I have a driving licence so perhaps i should go get a job with Lewis Hamilton.
  4. GeneralBurk
    He got one in August and promptly put Adebayor in with the kids. Levy didn't strengthen the year we qualified for the ECL either. Injuries don't excuse the ineffective football for me. Coupled with the fact that the feeling that the we felt were in the ascendancy and could usurp Arsenal in the long term.

    I have far more sympathy with AVB/Sherwood this season having lost a truly world class talent and trying to pull together a team while integrating 7 new signings.
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  5. fedupyid
    Coaching badges are required to be a manager of a professional football club if you want to go into coaching you go out and get one after you retire from professional football. Tim Sherwood retired 10 years ago and never bothered to get one show show serious he was about wanting to be a manager. The fact is most the clas of 92 at Man Utd got them while they were still full time pros and Friedel got his first stages while at Spurs. So the conclusion I come to is Tim is lazy and will take any short-cut possible because he was at Spurs for 5 years and still did not bother together them, that is my problem with Tim not having a coaching badge.
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  6. Dinghy
    He has bothered to get one... He just doesn't have the top one (yet)
  7. Sandro
    Dim may have had the chutzpah to demand a deal from baldie, or perhaps he had some compromising Intel that had Danny boy by his beitzim, no?
    Whatever it is, I am glad that meshugganah putz has bailed.
    Bon Voyage, shlemazel. :blackeye:
  8. Sandro
    Hahahaha....That's brilliant. The funniest thing I've read so far today. :ROFLMAO:
  9. fedupyid
    AVB managed to get the top one at the age of 18 and Tim had no coaching badges.
  10. slartibartfast
    Not being funny but has AVB managing to get one at 18 got to do with anything?
    Are you saying TS should have because AVB managed it??
    TS was a bit busy at 18 with, oh I dont know, training to be a footballer.
    And AVB at 18 was looking to go into coaching so would obviously take his badges asap.
    Shit did I just defend TS lol.
    Apologies if I've misunderstood your post.
  11. ralvy
    So you're forgetting the main reason we weren't top four that season was because Arsenal somehow managed to end the season in such a superb and strong form (due to a combination of luck, questionable referee decisions and, lets face it, their own merits)? We actually were top four for quite a while last season, but somehow you have chosen to forget about that to pursue your own agenda. You also have decided to forget our really strong form between early December and tFebruary/ March (I don't remember exactly the date in which it ended, I think it was that match at Anfield), in which it wasn't due to Bale us wining games.

    Mate, I don't care if you hate AVB or anything, but that doesn't mean you get to make up shit. We finished the season 1 point away from a top four finish, it doesn't matter if most of that was due to Bale baling us out or whatever. The point is that you saying we were never a threat for top four is, quite simply, BS, specially taking into consideration how many points we were able to take away from the top four teams (11 our of 24 I think).
  12. GeneralBurk
    It does matter if we are a one man team when you lose that one man. The result was a statisticians dream of passing and possession however there just wasn't any real threat.

    As for an agenda this is simply a board allowing people to express their opinions.

    Under AVB the football lacked potency and it was left to Bale time and again to carry the team.

    However I thought AVB integrated Lloris into the team expertly in a difficult situation when Friedel didn't deserve to be dropped.

    Levy operates a mean business model but unfortunately his appointments have in the main been bang average.

    I've never understood some people's attitude to Redknapp. He delivered the most exciting and successful period of football since Pleat's and Venables' time. Even distracted he delivered 4th.

    Overall for me we have regressed during AVB's time and the next appointment will be critical. I'd hope for Martinez by that's unlikely.

    Hopefully next season with some stability on the playing staff we will be able integrate the players into a cohesive system with 3rd and 4th up for grabs.
  13. Fruendsreunited
    Oh please tell us about your knowledge of coaching badges oh wise one...

    But if you didn't have a driving licence, you definitely couldn't!
  14. slartibartfast
    The hows wheres and whys dont matter a jot. We were top four under Redknapp.We finished 5th and played shit football under Avb and continued to regress into the following season.
    Dats da facts Sir.:stop:
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