Tim Sherwood: Spurs would take my win percentage now

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Nov 14, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. WestBelfast Spurs
    Tim "look at me" Sherwood prick
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  2. ClintEastwould
    Have a look at the video in the article and I'm sure you'll be agreeing with him.

    But no! It's tim!
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  3. Main Man
    I was never a fan of Sherwood, but everything he says Spurs related these days is usually spot on.

    He is definitely a "flange" though.
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  4. tiger666
    Where in the video does he say "Spurs would take my win percentage now" ?
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  5. tiger666
    Have you watched the video?
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  6. bat-chain
    Dapper Shewood

    Mention the size of your win percentage constantly...it makes 'em moist.
  7. thinktank
    "And the former Blackburn and Spurs player could not help pointing this out. “I reckon Spurs would take my win percentage now,” Sherwood told The Sun."
  8. tiger666
    That's not in the video. It seems the text is completely unrelated to the video.
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  9. thinktank
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  10. xtrac
    I dont think any manager will ever be good enough, if they have to live up to the childish select few on here, im sure Poch will suffer the same treatment when he's gone, same shit different day!!
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  11. Gaz_Gammon

    I didn't see or get the impression that he was being smug. From what i saw (and read after he was let go) was no different from when he was at the Club.

    The "capitulation" he refers to during the Chel$ea game is nothing different to the team during the Newcastle or Stoke games. In fact they were the same.

    Poch questions some of the teams "mentality" and this passes as a hurrah with most on here, Sherwood offers the same opinion and gets abused. Whichever way you want to dress it up the squad under both managers is performing the same. Sherwood was just more open and honest about the the culture within the Club, and nothing from what i have seen so far this season has changed.

    Truth hurts, and perhaps Sherwood now feels vilified for the reasoning behind his rhetoric. No one can deny that aside say from perhaps Mason Kane and Lloris (Walker being injured) that this Tottenham side are so underwhelming and ordinary, something that Sherwood made oh so clear last season. A change of coach isn't and will not change that culture.

    Kick, scream and rant all you want but the past two coaches and our third one in a year or so has indicated what is wrong. They cannot all be so wrong now can they?
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  12. tiger666
    Well.. ok, and?

    You wouldn't take his win % at the moment?
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  13. parklane1
    From what I have heard he has talked himself out of at least three.
  14. yankspurs
    If he is such a good manager, then why doesnt he have a job and why isnt he being pursued? Being a talker is not a reason, btw. You can talk, talk and talk but still have a job if you are good at that position.
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  15. SpurSince57
    He isn't a good manager. That's the problem.
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  16. Montasura
    Something to do with the guy being a complete and utter fuckwit.
  17. yankspurs
    I know. But I am afraid alot of people dont get that.
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  18. SpurSince57
    So if someone who made it up as he went along got almost two points a game, what does that say about his successor, who's got essentially the same squad and is floundering?
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  19. yankspurs
    Considering that under sherwood we were playing like shit every game also, it points to one thing: motivated ade vs unmotivated ade. We still have the same issues. Awful defense. Its just being compounded by the fact that we cant score goals and our striker hasnt been dropped yet along with players that havent been performing, like kaboul and capoue. Btw, Poch wasnt my first or my 2nd choice as manager. I was very indifferent on him.
  20. slartibartfast
    Harry did better than all before him but is sacked anyway despite club finishing 4th for only 2nd time ever (first time being under... oh yeah, Harry).
    Regarded by most on here as a wanker and had to go.

    Avb played shit football for 1.5 seasons until sacked for not doing as well, even after we spent a fortune.
    Regarded by most on here as being sacked too soon.

    Sherwood gets job and has fantastic win percentage with same group of players, playing better football and turns us around but is sacked anyway.
    Regarded by most on here as a wanker and shouldn't have got the job in the first place.

    Poch gets the job and everything begins to unravel. Can't score and can't defend. Can't speak well enough to explain whats going on.
    Regarded by most on here as needing more time because it's the wrong players, it's Baldinis fault, it's Levys fault, our pitch has shrunk.

    And we wonder where we're going wrong.
    The problem is sacking those who take us forward and wanting to keep those who take us backwards.

    I really believe, and its gonna be a f in joke, that Levy WILL sack Poch before long.
    I just cannot see him turning us around or Levy holding off the trigger.
    If were near bottom 3 by xmas he could be gone.

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