Tim Sherwood: Spurs would take my win percentage now

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Nov 14, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. CrazyHeart
    AVB had a few rough games integrating the new players, but was still grinding out results. To say that he brought us shite football for 1.5 years is just flat out wrong. I know you hate the guy, but please...
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  2. Gaz_Gammon

    "On 16 December 2013, Tottenham announced that Villas-Boas had left the club "by mutual consent".[35] The dismissal, with Spurs lying seventh in the Premier League and having won all six of their Europa League group games, followed a series of disappointing domestic league results that included a 6–0 defeat away to Manchester City and culminated in a
    5–0 home defeat to Liverpool"

    God i wish he was still here, i just miss those thrashings, i really do.
  3. millsey
    Going to be plenty more this season so just be patient
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  4. fatpiranha
    I was never a Sherwood fan but there does seem a bit of an agenda to paint him as anti-Spurs and bitter. I just don't see it. If you really want bitter and twisted and delighting in every failure at Spurs look no further than Jamie Redknapp and Glenn Hoddle.
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  5. parklaneprince
    totally agree with this
    so many people on this site still slag redknapp/ sherwood off its fucking embarrassing
    levy and lewis are to blame for this because whilst clever business people they now nothing about grass root football, and surely they must be embarrassed at what they are seeing, sacking redknapp was a huge mistake
    as unless you have someone like ancelotti or mourinho lined up you stick with what you've got and don't appoint a guy who fucked up at chavski
    as for alan sugar , another top class business man, poorly advised with the christian gross appointment in his locker, we will end up with tony pulls
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  6. SteveH
    Tony who?
  7. sebcole
    Tim was great - "for anybody who has thought they have outgrown Tottenham football club - is wrong in my opinion" Well said indeed !
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  8. parklaneprince
    tony pulis:mad:
  9. SteveH
    Did a great job at Palace?
    I like the guy, handles him self well considering he a friend of Harry's.
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  10. slartibartfast
    Well I went to about 10 games during that time and imo it was f in awful. And that's my opinion, there is no right or wrong.
    Did u go to any???
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  11. slartibartfast
    Never thought I'd say this but Id be over the moon with Pullis.
    Never happen anyway because he'd never go for this bollocks dof set up Levy has the horn for (christ knows why) and Levy won't go for him unless he gets fake tan and changes his name to Antonio Pullthis.
    Reason Id be happy with him is, he WOULD get the best out of the player's, he WOULD get us playing exciting football and I WOULD be able to understand what he's f in saying.
    Not flashy enough for the mighty spurs though in a large moronic chunk of our fan base.
    Can hear it now, 'whats he won?.. blah blah blah'
    Some fans cant tell a good manager from their arse hole. Neither can Levy.
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  12. CrazyHeart
    You made it sound like every game under his entire tenure sucked, which it clearly didn't. And no, I didn't go to any games as I bounce between England and the United States at indeterminate intervals as my job requires- but I would've loved to have gone. That being said, I don't see how this supports your argument as season ticket holders I know and work with also share my view.

    While we're on the subject, did you go to the Man United game, which we won away 3-2? Or the City game at home which we took 3-1? Do you think those games sucked? There are also plenty of other games which we either tied or unluckily lost (e.g. Arsenal, Chelsea, Newcastle) where we played much better than Sherwood or Poch's sides on their best day.

    It's not so much AVB I'm supporting here as it is the support of the stability and a long term manager which our club so desperately needed. We had the perfect opportunity for this and losing him totally derailed us. Sherwood, Ade, Baldini and Levy just flat-out wrecked it. We're fucked now and it'll take a long time for our team to recover, and guess what... I called it!
  13. myhartlane
    And the last guy, and the guy before him.
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  14. SpurSince57
    And what about Eriksen, who's also been ineffectual compared to last season? Do you really think Soldado ould have been more effective.

    The half-dozen heavy defeats skewed our defensive record last season. Over 50% of the goals we conceded came in the games against Wham. City (2), Liverpool (2), Chelsea and West Brom. Otherwise, we were pretty sound. I realise that's a bit like, 'Aart frm that, how did you enjoy the play, Mrs Lincoln?', but things really weren't as simple as you and many others suggest.
  15. slartibartfast
    No, appointing him totally derailed us imo.
    And if youve spoken to anyone who watched that and said anything other than it sucked arse then Im speechless lol.
    Theres nothing wrong with sacking a manager whos taking us backwards.
    We sack any bugger no matter what which I agree is ridiculous.
    Jol should never have gone imo.
    Harry should never have gone.
    And I dont know what more Sherwood could have done so why appoint him? IMO I dont think how he's portrayed in the media had f all to do with it. We're talking multi million pound business here to take us forward into CL. I dont think you base your decision of who can get you there on how they deal with the press. Being sacked for saying it like it is??? Yeah probably lol.
    I thought it was a results based business but...
    Lets put it this way, once your Chairman sacks a guy who's just got you your only 2 top four finishes.... ever... at only 3 attempts, well then all bets are off.
    Unless you win the league every year you're f in gone lol.
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  16. yankspurs
    Sacking Harry was completely the correct thing to do. Horrendous squad rotation, poor transfer decisions, took his eye off the mark. Name another manager who had a squad of 5 world class players and came in 5th place. You can't. Got CL once and blew the transfer window that summer.

    AVB was a good manager. Finally got our away form into good standing, bested Harry only having 1 world class player, shored up a defense that loved to leak goals in crunch time. He didnt have a striker and didnt get anyone he wanted. He fought to the death to keep Bale. His main problem was the strict tactics leading to dull attack. Except there was a very good reason for that. The defense was fucking shit. Got screwed vs Liverpool in his final match as we were playing very well until the ref sent off Paulinho for nothing leading to a complete breakdown of epic proportions that did him in and got un lucky vs Arsenal and Chelsea. Honestly, if he had any luck last season, we would have gotten 5-7 points out of those 3 games.

    Sherwood could have had the team playing well, could have stopped the defense from leaking too many goals like his predecessor did. Not get destroyed vs the top 4. Could have kept the dressing room. Could have not been a ****, etc.
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  17. yankspurs
    What? I am just pointing out that Sherwood's results were not because of good managing or having the team play well. He had an in form Eriksen and a motivated Ade. We are playing the same way this season(like complete shit), but this time with the unmotivated version of Ade and a tremendously out of form Eriksen to save our asses.
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  18. jolsnogross
    You're calling it completely arseways. As has been said, Harry's the one who had the 4th place finishes and had us up with the elite. The downturn started when he left. The time for taking your finger off the trigger was when we finished 4th yet again. But as with Jol before him, levy and many clownish supporters thought he was underachieving!

    Well, the data since then don't support it at all. And the idea that stability should have kicked in for the guy who brought unwatchable footy first, followed by dysfunction and utter capitulation to the likes of west ham and Liverpool....well, that's a mental thing to be claiming credit for "calling". AVB was given two golden chances in English footy, and let's just say I'll be surprised if he gets another.
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  19. slartibartfast
    We came 4th mate.
  20. SpurSince57
    And you've been watching football and supporting Spurs how long, did you say?

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