Tottenham Hotspur striker slammed by former boss

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 19, 2014.

  • by mawspurs, Oct 19, 2014 at 1:06 PM
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    Former Spurs boss Tim Sherwood claims striker Roberto Soldado isn’t good enough.

    Read the full article at HITC
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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. MyNameIsNicolaBerti
    God, I wish Sherwood would just fuck off. Clearly hasn't got the intelligence to get that but for his big mouth he'd probably not be writing articles in papers, but still on the training field.

    I'm sure Soldado will get the confidence boost he needs after reading his ex-boss trash him.
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  2. millhouse
    tactical tim doesn't sound bitter and or twisted at all
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  3. Japhet
    Sherwood deserves every bit of derision he gets when he comes out with garbage like this. He's found his place now though where he can slag people off without having to do anything himself. Well done Tim! Now do us a favour and fuck off.
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  4. Rocksuperstar
    ...and the gums flap on...
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  5. parklane1
    Redknapp mark 11.
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  6. Gaz_Gammon
    Anyone else get this from the link?:

    This page doesn't exist
  7. WhiteHeartLowe
    Yes, me! :(
  8. TPdYID
  9. Gaz_Gammon
    Thanks for the link Guilty.

    "He has lived in the country for more than a year and he needs to start producing on the field and we have to stop making excuses for him.”

    I don't really see anything wrong with this line, and in fairness he does go on to say that during training Kane putting in a shift?

    I think that Sherwood has said it as it was at his time as manager. The over-reaction on here does not match the balanced (in my opinion) report.
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  10. CrazyHeart
    And some still wonder why Sherwood gets the flack that he richly deserves.
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  11. goughie1966
    An excellent reply posted elsewhere:

    What ever you think of Soldado, I am surprised at Sherwood saying he "couldn't keep giving him a chance" because Sherwood never did give him a chance. That's a matter of record. And when he did start him in two games successively (finally) out of necessity, Robbie showed he was finally "lighting up" with 2 very good games back-to-back that every pundit applauded, and even our most cynical fans were encouraged by … with Soldado scoring in the second of those two games.

    And then Sherwood yanked him from the lineup for the next game??? ... Killing any chance of Soldado getting on track. So that speaks more to the "intelligence" of Sherwood's management than it does to Soldado's potential.

    I wish the media would stop fishing for quotes from Sherwood, because he is wooden-headed as a manager and there is too much "self-redemption" motivating his opinions. But they won't, because it makes for controversial reading, which increases readership.
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  12. yankspurs
    Oh just fuck off you piece of fucking shit. You are a twat of the highest order and one of the worst managers we've had. Calling a striker who you never gave a chance not good enough is rich coming from you, you fucking ****. He scored in open play and you relegated him back to left bench immediately.

    I hope this imbecile will get named manager of someone soon just so he can get them relegated and everyone will realize he is the furthestthing from a good manager and his results here were simply because we were a good team and had nothing to do with him. Fuck Tim Sherwood. Fuck him.
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  13. Buggsy61
    Reading between the lines I would guess you are not a Tim Sherwood fan then...;). Must admit though he is really coming out with some shyte every time a mic is put under his nose these days.
    As for Soldado you can see he has quality but its just not happening for him. He needs to grow a pair of balls as he is brushed off the ball too easily and gets tossed around like a rag doll. I fear that if he does not start showing a lot more he will be offloaded in January.
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  14. Sweetsman
    The bit about living here for a year needs a caveat: what Sherwood doesn't mention is that Soldado's wife had a miscarriage on getting here and she has only just had a successful pregnancy. This has also coincided with a poor run as well as upheaval at the club. He performed well yesterday.
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  15. Kiedis
    Tactical Tim, showing the analysis level of a guy that watched the game on

    He's reaching RSol levels fast now.
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  16. avonspurs
    In the past, this kind of thing would have wound me up. Now....meh. The man has an inflated ego that, like my cock, needs constant stroking. Unlike my cock, however, he will never reach the highest levels and will spend the rest of his 'career' being a rent-a-gob.
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  17. Lilbaz
    "You try to give [Soldado] as much confidence as you can and you do that by backing him and playing him,"Sherwood said, quoted by ESPN.

    "In the end, I couldn't keep picking him. I had to put Harry Kane into the team because day in, day out on the training field, he was outperforming him. So there was no choice. It was nothing to do with effort. In my opinion, Harry Kane is better than him.”

    "Everyone at the club is on his side. They want him to do well. He is a great guy and the fans shout his name when he is on the bench. They want him to come onto the field, but I don't think we can use the excuse that he needs to settle anymore.”

    "He has lived in the country for more than a year and he needs to start producing on the field and we have to stop making excuses for him.”

    This is what he actually said. I agree with it. Bobby needs to start performing.

    The hate for Tim on here is quite funny. Does anyone on here think Bobby is doing a good job for us?
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