Tottenham Hotspur striker slammed by former boss

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 19, 2014.

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    Former Spurs boss Tim Sherwood claims striker Roberto Soldado isn’t good enough.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. Smokinhotspur
    I am not a Sherwood fan by any means but I agree with what he said and didn't see anything spiteful in it. As is his style, it was brutally honest and the bit about Soldado being outperformed by Kane in training was insightful for me - must be difficult for any manager to play a guy who is constantly being shown up by an up and coming talent in full view of the other pros at the club.

    Like most on here I would love this guy to be successful but I just don't think he has the mindset, toughness or strength to do the business in this league. Good technique, fancy flicks but you need a lot more in the prem as we saw with aguero who is an absolute monster of a player. Same with Paulinho who has been anonymous and was amongst the worst players for Brazil in the world cup. The reality is overall we bought poorly last summer and the quicker we accept it, cut our losses and bring in the right TYPE of player the better. I wonder how much due diligence we invest in understanding a player's level of desire, his attitude, resilience etc before bringing them in. We have too many that don't work anywhere near hard enough for the levels required.
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  2. DEFchenkOE
    I agree with you, and people on here are completely overreacting to what Tim said, and I don't even like the dude.

    On Bt sport they was talking about the missed pen, and then the miss after that. And they asked him his opinion on Soldado and he gave it. What's he supposed to say? "err no comment, next question please" Maybe it looks worse reading the headline and the words he said, but from listening to the interview he was basically saying Kane trained better which is why he started him. And for what it's worth I'd start him before Soldado too.
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  3. DEFchenkOE
    Also I think out scouting on the whole is quite poor, usually we have clear deficiencies each window and we rarely strengthen our weak areas and end up overloaded in certain positions. Four of our 7 buys last summer (Eriksen, Chadli, Lamela and Paulinho) all seem more suited to playing in the no10 position. Did we really need all of them or would we have been better with just 2 of them and 2 wide forwards who actually want to stay wide and stretch teams?
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  4. yankspurs
    Yeah because he really showed confidence in him and backed him:rolleyes:

    Guy finally scores in open play in the Premier League and what happens? Relegated back to left bench never to be seen or heard from again. Yep. A whole bunch of confidence and backing showed thereo_O
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  5. ralvy
    The hate for Tim is not funny considering Soldado actually had a good game yesterday. Yes, he missed a crucial penalty, but he also assisted our equalizer and was very active inside the area, servicing some dangerous balls to the likes of Eriksen and Mason which should have been goals and they ended up missing.

    So if you want to say he didn't performed because he failed a penalty then be my guest, but please understand what a load of crap such an statement would be.
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  6. longtimespur
    I just think the guy stands on his hands when talking

    Engage brain before opening mouth would be a good mantra for him to follow.
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  7. dannythomas
    It is certainly true that Soldado has not remotely justified his transfer fee, nor have Lamela, Chiriches or Paulinho. And the jury is out on Capoue. And this summer's signings Fazio, Stambouli, Davis and Vorm have not been given the opportunities yet so we don't know about them either yet. We seem to be in the business of accumulating new signings and them we don't see them. Then somehow they all need time to settle in their new country. I guess Tottenham must be the toughest place in the UK for new signings to settle.
    Out of all of our signings last year and this year only Eriksen and to an extent Chadli have looked good business. Plus Vorm as necessary quality back up. Lamela and Soldado look vastly overpriced and Paulinho and Chiriches have been disasters.
    I don't really care about what Sherwood says but right now I would back Kane to score more than either Adebayor or Soldado.
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  8. MyNameIsNicolaBerti
    He's not in the set up anymore. He's not seeing how Soldado now performs in training. His information is outdated and it doesn't take a genius to know that the player needs confidence right now, not former bosses hitting the newspapesr to tell the world that he's lazy and not up to scratch. That's what is wrong with what Sherwood has said.

    With Sherwood it's all about him and what he did as manager. He's basically a know-it-all, but he doesn't stop for a minute and think about what is beneficial for the club that gave him his managerial chance in the first place. Critcising players, and players you've worked with not that long ago at that can never be beneficial to a club. He's not some random journo. He's the recently departed manager.
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  9. MyNameIsNicolaBerti
    A professional man doesn't bad mouth people like that. A professional man would shut his mouth because ultimately if a player isn't training hard or operating with the confidence he needs than it is a failing of the man given the task of getting him to perform and getting his confidence boosted. That man was Sherwood.

    What I object to about the man is that he thinks his shit doesn't stink and he's happy to criticise others and bad mouth players, but he's not willing to discuss any deficiencies in his own game.
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  10. Sweetsman
    For a moment there, I thought you said that Tim Sherwood had your cock in his gob.
  11. eddiebailey
    Sherwood was talking about Soldado during his time in charge and did not say anything about Soldado being lazy.

    I can't figure out whether all these hostile comments are about defending Soldado or attacking Sherwood; either way the world has moved on. One has gone and the other is beyond the point of excuses.
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  12. USAYID
    The only consistent thing Soldado's had since he joined us is a manager who doesn't know how to best use him. He consistently shows his intelligence when he plays, however he's not going to be successful in the way we set up our team. The guy is a poacher, and a damn good one, but is expected to play the lone striker role. I don't understand why our managers refuse to set up the team to maximize our player's strengths. While I'm on the topic, I also don't understand why Poch doesn't see that Chadli, Lamela and Ericksen in the same team provides so little cover defensively. For all their offense, they are pretty poor at chasing back, tackling and marking. I'm not sure how well this would work, but against the better teams I would put Stambouli/Dembele/Bentaleb next to Capoue, and push Mason further up. I've been very impressed with the way he moves the ball FORWARD, and his work rate. He's also not afraid to get stuck in either.

    Rant over.
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  13. Gaz_Gammon
    You really should seek anger management. Your diatribe adds nothing to this debate or forum. Nothing whatsoever.
  14. doom
    What was Sherwood looking at for most of the match if he couldn't see that our attacking play was actually fluid and exciting and that was in no small part due to Soldado and his great interchanges with the attacking midfield 3. He created the goal and could have created several others if they were put in. His overall contribution was exceptional. A missed penalty albeit one that he created only constitutes a failure of the critic. I think Sherwood is in denial that the player he couldn't do anything with is finally showing signs of his talent.
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  15. DEFchenkOE
    Bad mouth him? Are you serious??? The host asked him what he made of Soldado last season while he was in charge, Sherwood said he's a great guy, great attitude, nothing to do with lack of workrate, just was getting outperformed by Kane in training. And I can well believe that, if it came down to shooting drills with left and right foot between the two I know who I would back to win.
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  16. DEFchenkOE
    And btw, if people read the quotes instead of the headline at no point did he actually say "Soldado isn't good enough". Even though his goal record for a striker in this league suggests otherwise.
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  17. mawspurs
    Sometimes a manager needs to looks past what happens in training.

    Soldado had a lot to cope with last year apart from joining a new club, league etc. His wife's miscarriage must have weighed heavily on him too.

    Tim doesn't seem to have taken any of that into consideration.
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  18. MyNameIsNicolaBerti
    Personally I think that what happens in training should stay there come what may.
  19. mawspurs
    Have to admit he is good with youth players though. Read his article in the Independent.
  20. DEFchenkOE
    The difference is Aguero looks like scoring whenever he gets on the pitch. Soldado doesn't, so therefore he like the other players have to be judged on training don't they? Otherwise what's the point of it.

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