Tottenham Hotspur striker slammed by former boss

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 19, 2014.

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    Former Spurs boss Tim Sherwood claims striker Roberto Soldado isn’t good enough.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. mawspurs

    As others have mentioned though, when Soldado did score from open play under Sherwood he was then dropped to the bench again instead of being given the chance to go on a run, the majority of strikers need a run of games before you see the best from them. When can we say he has had a run of games? The only time was last season when AVB was in charge and he was still acclimatising to the league and dealing with a lot of other issues at that time.

    Now he is past that I'd be happy to see him given a run, I'd be equally as happy to see Kane given a chance. Ade has had plenty of chances this season yet has not produced, lets try a change to see if it works. Poch needs to see what all his strikers can do before the January window opens.
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  2. DEFchenkOE
    Agree that Ade has had a chance and it's time for someone else to have a run. Soldado did play well on Sat but still wasn't able to do the main thing he's paid to do, I'd be happy to see him start on Thursday. If he performs well and gets on the scoresheet then he keeps his place for the league, if not then I'd say Kane deserves a run of games as much as anyone.
  3. TTID
    Good luck to Sherwood

    I think he only ever wanted what was best for the club and fans. His only fault was he was to honest and still is
    In my mind a lot of what he said when he was manager was right. He knew we had no leaders on the pitch and tried to get people to take responsibility. He wasn't there to make friends with the players, he just wanted to win games and when you look at his record he did that better than most.
    If his name was Timo Sherwoodinho then he probably would have been given more of a chance, but I think he will need to go to lower league clubs and try and work his way back up.
    He doesn't deserve the hate he gets from a lot of our fans, but as always people think we are better than we are and unless Mourinho is our manager I don't think some fans will ever be happy.
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  4. garryparkerschest
    I personally think if people need to look at what was said and not by who, he talks in a frank manner and what he believes is right.

    It's just the way it's come across in the headline which has rubbed people up the wrong way.

    What Soldado needs is a run of games, I think Chris Waddle said something like that during the radio commentary and I agree with him.

    He also said he needs a strike partner but if we can't accommodate that we need to do is get one of our midfielders as close to him as possible when we're in the final third.

    If he had scored the pen and the chance he had it could have been the making of him.

    I just hope he's not dropped for the next game.
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  5. Dennism
    Well done Tim. Kick him when he is down. Whatever he does he will not do as much damage you did. Go and manage the pub team and leave our team alone.
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  6. wozzahotspurs
    tbf i agree with it some what but i dont ever remember Sherwood playing him & certainly not for any length of time! I do remember him playing him he had a good game and scored then was dropped for the following game vs Newcastle for Kane i think it was.
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  7. CrazyHeart
    Sherwood only ever wanted what was best for HIM first before the club. You could hear this in just about every speech.

    Secondly - while I agree that he was giving his honest (and egotistical) opinions, it just didn't make them right. Scientologists and Flat-earthers can be 100% sincere too in their beliefs while being grossly mistaken on the fundamentals of reality.

    Also, changing his name to something more exotic sounding wouldn't do much to paper over the fact that he just wasn't qualified to coach, much less comment on our squad.

    Sherwood was a principal party to wrecking our last season, whose blast radius is evidently extending to this season as well- and that's why I'm rather pissed at the guy.

    You don't have to agree with me on this, but I do hope you can at least understand why I, and many others are rather upset about it.
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  8. sebcole
    Nothing wrong with what Sherwood said IMO
  9. TottenhamMattSpur
    Soldado is shit for us in this league.
    Tim's right.
    you lot can't even rely on his penalty record anymore.
  10. dontcallme
    Headline and first line says Sherwood said Soldado isn't good enough.

    The actual quote says nothing of the sort. Only that Kane was outperforming him and got to play as a result.

    I can't stand Sherwood but he's said nothing wrong here.

    People really need to learn the difference between reported speech and what was actually said. Not knowing the difference results in hysteria and blaming someone for something they blatantly haven't said.
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  11. Rout-Ledge
    Sherwood's opinions are perfectly reasonable for a pundit, but no decent club would touch him with a bargepole for a manager's position now.

    He behaves as if he's won the lot and can pretty much say what he pleases because he has the CV to back it up. He's not Mourinho, Ferguson or Guardiola. His managerial experience is a sum total of half a season at Spurs, during which his results were sometimes good, sometimes OK and sometimes abysmal.

    He will alienate a good portion of the dressing room, backroom staff and fanbase wherever he goes, and that is only going to be a gamble worth taking for a manager with a proven track record.
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  12. yankspurs
    Sorta like you constant disparaging of Lamela and Soldado and your slobbering love for sherwood and ade then, huh?

    Go have a few beers with jimbo. You seem to think along the same lines as him, even if your not so up front about it.
  13. yankspurs
    Lol. This is what i dont get. If you didnt like sherwood, you're automatically only happy with a foreign manager? Did Tim tell you that? Wait, dont answer that because we already know he did.
  14. yankspurs
    What?!?!?!? The earth isn't flat?!?!?!?!?!?;)
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  15. Gaz_Gammon

    You see your'e even wrong on that point. I have fully supported Soldado, and Ade in equal measure. See i actually go to games and see what they both add to the team as a whole. You only have to listen to Poch to see just how he feels about both of them.

    As for Lamela he's a very, very expensive midfielder who has failed to score in fifteen starts for us and was subbed again on Saturday. For thirty million i'd expect one goal, and please do not start on about his "assists". I'd expect someone costing a half of what we paid for Lamela to set up an odd goal or two, such as Mason, Bentaleb or Capoue. Even Lennon can score an odd goal or two.

    My "slobbering love" for Sherwood is one of respect for a footballer who has Captained a side to a Championship and has served Spurs well as a player. As a manager if memory serves me correct he took the side to a sixth place finish, and that after a disaster that was AVB. I knew it was a short term appointment but still supported him as manager.

    He's now gone and the vast majority on here have moved on, aside from those who refer to the past in order to provoke a reaction. Your'e original post did nothing to the thread and made you look plain stupid.

    Your view from a Continent that is so removed from soccer that you think that Sherwood is still relevant. He is not, and his views like Redknapp's or Hoddle's count for absolutely nothing.

    There, all this said without a single abusive, foul mouthed tirade.

    Easy ain't it?
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  16. Hoddle&Waddle
    Agree with Tim 100% TBH.
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  17. TTID
    This is a bit dramatic. Our season was wrecked when we sold Gareth Bale and replaced him with players who didn't perform.

    I don't really understand why people are so upset with him. Out of the 6 games he lost in the league, 4 were against the teams who finished in the top 4. This is a trend which started before him and Pochetino seems to have carried on with.

    The players are and were the problem, he is just another fall guy who is taking the heat for what has been a policy of selling our best players and replacing them with average ones.
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  18. eddiebailey
    He gave him six consecutive starts when he took over, and plenty of playing time thereafter.
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  19. littlemandefoe
    Everyone giving hate to Sherwood but he's right. Soldado has done fuck all and Sherwood actually has the balls to say it out loud. Wake up, Soldado isn't going to do ANYTHING big for us.
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  20. No Donkey
    Oh come now, Tim's a prick, but he could never be that much of a prick.

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