Tottenham will smash their wage ceiling to keep Harry Kane

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Dec 27, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. TheChosenOne
    It's the Daily Mal so I won't bother with the link.

    Aitch is worth millyons. Pay the talisman.
  2. Japhet
    And so we should. He's genuinely world class and yet not up himself one little bit. He's said he'd be happy to spend his entire career in a Spurs shirt and has an absoluetly massive future. We've never had a player in the modern era so deserving.
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  3. Col_M
    Daily Mail fail. We haven’t even built the ceiling yet.
  4. minesadouble
    Well, for the first and only time in 2017 I clicked on a Daily Mail link. I wanted to check if anything’s changed in the past year.

    Nope. Nothing’s changed. A mish-mash of old photos, a video link and some jumbled historical facts. Plus a quote from Harry lifted from the TV interview about his hat-trick match balls being ‘all stored away in bags’ at home. And not forgetting the endless pop-ups and ads and embedded links that slow everything down as the bullshit loads.

    The Mail tells us Spurs want to hold on to Kane. Wow.
    That Real Madrid are lining up a move. Mmm.
    That Spurs ‘are set’ to revisit Kane’s contract at the end of the Season to keep him.

    No evidence. No quotes. No insight. Just a headline that Spurs will ‘smash their wage ceiling to keep Kane’.

    Do yourselves a favour, guys, don’t waste your time.
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  5. acky99
    The Daily Fail !!! Enough said
  6. lol
    bs papers aside, if someday kane leaves because we didnt pay him well enough, we deserve it
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  7. midspur
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but has he not come out and said it is not about the money?
  8. lol
    if spurs pay me 100kpw + bonus and others offer me 150kpw, it might not be able money. but if others start offering me 250kpw + bonuses, cant help but think about providing for my family. football is a shortlived career, it would be noble of him to give up money, and i sure appreciate that, but what i mean is that i wouldnt blame him if he leaves because we underpay him overly. he is worth top top wages. we should reward loyalty with our commitment as well
  9. Col_M
    Yeah, but what is Kim Khardasian wearing? And will the immigrants really be leaving our glorious NHS to go and look after undeserving East European pensioners in bloody Slovakia?! How bloody dare they, we saved them from the Nazis.
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  10. Sweetsman
    Hang on, that's a terrible slander against the Daily Mail! They wanted the Nazis to overrun Britain! And you clearly didn't notice the FACT that with Brexit, the NHS will get squillions more and be able to afford Harry's wages!
  11. Mullers
    Oh fuck, it's the Mail, I'm out of here!
  12. TottenhamMattSpur
    I say this with utter integrity. If Tottenham paid me £100k a week and offered me premier league football every season I'd never leave. There isn't enough money in the world to make me play for a rival, home or abroad.
    £100k a week for 10+ years PLUS all the extra money they earn for sponsorship and endorsements is enough for his family for generations to come to want for nothing. Ever.

    It's not like us mere mortals who work for relative peanuts at companies we've never heard of.
    Or even like footballers who go to academies of teams they didn't support.
    Kane is a proper Tottenham boy absolutely living the dream.
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  13. JimmyG2
    Ceiling falls in on Daily Mail journalism.
  14. lol
    i sincerely hope that is the same for kane as well. but if i was a world class footballer i will want to challenge myself and get paid fairly. If tottenham is the team that provides that then that will be the icing on the cake.
  15. jenko
    Even if we start paying him 200K pw it wouldn't stop the rags or Sky. They'd only go on about him needing to go to a big club for trophies. The only solution is to win the champions league so I've sent Levy a strongly worded email to do just that....

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  16. WalkerboyUK
    If you're earning 150k plus bonuses per week, I would say you can outright buy anything you want, whenever you want, and secure the future of your family.
    In all honesty, when you're on that money, what can an extra 100k per week buy that you don't already have??

    Besides which, when you factor in tax at 50% then take home on 150k is about 75k per week.
    250k per week becomes 125k, which means only a 50k difference rather than 100k
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  17. lol
    I agree that with that kind of money, you can buy anything you want and secure your family. but 5years worth of 150kpw after tax is 18m, while 250kpw after tax is 30m. that is 12m of guaranteed money on the table.

    If we pay fair wages, and also provide the opportunity to compete at the highest level, etc league title + CL every year, then at least theres is still a draw. if we fall out of CL spots, or start losing that ability to contend, its hard to believe any player would stay, giving up their once in a lifetime career opportunity to win something while getting paid handsomely simply because of loyalty. IF they do stay, they have my utmost respect. but if they dont, i wont blame them.
  18. sebo_sek
    Because 100k per week plus bonuses is tantamount to his family being on the dole o_O
  19. Lilbaz
    Even if we gave him £200k a week there are clubs out there that can offer more than double.

    Football is fucked.

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