Tottenham will smash their wage ceiling to keep Harry Kane


Jun 29, 2003
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It seems many footballers today use the size of their wage packets as status symbol. Harry does not seem to think like that and has already stated it is not “all about the money” for him.

As long as he feels he can win trophies with us I think he will stay.


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Jul 6, 2012
Well, for the first and only time in 2017 I clicked on a Daily Mail link. I wanted to check if anything’s changed in the past year.

Nope. Nothing’s changed. A mish-mash of old photos, a video link and some jumbled historical facts. Plus a quote from Harry lifted from the TV interview about his hat-trick match balls being ‘all stored away in bags’ at home. And not forgetting the endless pop-ups and ads and embedded links that slow everything down as the bullshit loads.

The Mail tells us Spurs want to hold on to Kane. Wow.
That Real Madrid are lining up a move. Mmm.
That Spurs ‘are set’ to revisit Kane’s contract at the end of the Season to keep him.

No evidence. No quotes. No insight. Just a headline that Spurs will ‘smash their wage ceiling to keep Kane’.

Do yourselves a favour, guys, don’t waste your time.
So so true, every word. Well said mate (y)

Hopefully, that's the last time you click on a Daly Mail link. It's a complete waste of a click, and probably two minutes of your life you'll never get back. How that rag sells any copies at all is way beyond me.