Tottenham's Erik Lamela has new lease of life

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, Jul 22, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. stuffies
    saying all the right things ....and really do think after a few prem games under his belt,he will be a FORCE for us this season!!
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  2. Makkaveli101
    He will be with a manager that has faith in him, soon as the guy has a run of games and feels he's a first choice fixture we're gonna see the best of him.

    Can't wait for him to prove doubters in this country, and doubters at this club's fanbase wrong!
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  3. TPdYID
    Merely my own opinion. Other opinions welcomed of course, but don't shoot me down in flames just because I dare to challenge the popular view.

    I get the feeling/sense that Lamela will never actually fulfil his potential/reputation at THFC.

    My reasoning for this is simple. He plays as an inside forward and neither has the pace to beat a man on the outside nor the physicality to drop his shoulder and drive inside. These are 2 my 2 major concerns with Lamela. I feel he would be better suited and adapt a lot quicker to a league where physical prowess plays a lesser significance, ie Serie A.

    Without seeing lots of Lamela (who has??), what I have seen would suggest he is not technical enough to play off the front, nor does he have the blistering pace of a wideman to play in a 4, across the midfield.

    As a fairly optimistic person I would love to be proved wrong, as I do genuinely love to see young players progressing at THFC. Thoughts are welcome, as long as they are constructive and not based on a 4 minute YouTube clip.

    With that said, I give Lamela till Xmas before a lot of fans start to lose faith and patience with him, before seeing him loaned out in January.
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  4. FITZ
    We need lamela to succeed and become a premier league force.

    It will help us no end when trying to attract other players who's may otherwise join the CL teams.

    I've a feeling he will be a great player in the future (hopefully with spurs).

    Think the fans and manager will have to remain patient.
  5. stuffies
    That's the spirit .....only kidding everyone is entitled to their own opinions ...
    But Berba wasn't fast yet could beat people and Lamela a couple of times against the sounders dropped a shoulder and went pass a player.

    He also showed hes up for the fight as he made 3 tackles in a row chasing the ball and won it ball in the same game.Also that euro game at home we had and he was the best player on the pitch ...he showed then he could beat aman aswell as handle the physical side.

    But time will tell .....
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  6. chinaman

    I share your concern and hope that he can build up his upper-body strength. Until he does, I'm afraid he'll be continually bundled off the ball.
  7. TPdYID
    Berbatov was a CF with world class technique. He lit up the premier league with his touch and was arguably one of the best finishes THFC has had in the past 10 years. With that said drawing comparisons between Lamela and Berbs is not logical.

    Making 3 tackles and being the best player on the pitch against the snow shifters FC at home in the EL is not the bench mark of a player who by popular belief will become "world class". I respect the fact that he needs time to settle/adapt and the fact he has had limited game time, my only concern is I have seen nothing to suggest he will make the grade at THFC, let alone go onto become the Bale replacement we all hoped for.

    I see Lamela having the same kind of issues playing wide as someone like Mata. Not quick enough to go on the outside and not physical enough to drive inside. Mata is fortunate enough to have outstanding technique with an eye for a pass, so brings qualities to play centrally. Does Lamela?
  8. yiddopaul
    I give Lamela till Xmas before a lot of fans start to lose faith and patience with him

    That long?
  9. millsey
    I actually think the best role for Lamella is behind the Striker. But unless Eriksen plays on the left, that roles is taken
  10. TPdYID
    From recollection, most on here start out with;

    Excitement being replaced by optimism when a new player doesn't score a shed-load in the first few games. Optmism takes over with the hope that this player 'needs time to adapt', 'learn the language', 'get match fitness' etc etc.

    Usually around Oct/Nov the optimism has died a death and pessimism rears it's ugly head. Pessimistic views about "how the money could of been better spent on 'X, Y and Z' and let's not forget the famous "with the same money we could have bought...*insert flavour of the month*" (who remembers the Amir Zaki fan club up until Xmas, only for them to dissapear by May).

    Finally pessimism is seen off by Hatred and abuse. Before said player is sold/loaned or dropped. In this case the Jan transfer window.

    Now this may sound ironic, judging by my initial concerns but to make it clear, I would give my left ball bag for Lamela to pull up trees on his way to being a top player. However, as I sit here and type this I have major reservations.

    I would love to be proven wrong. So whilst he wears that big chicken proudly on his chest I will support him throughout and cheer him on like everybody else. We are after all "One Club"
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  11. Sir Henry
    Yeah, I'd hate for the same thing to happen to Lamela like it did with Modric.
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  12. CheeseGromit
    All purchases of players are to a greater or lesser extent a gamble
    Buying potential is an even bigger risk

    Many judge Bale in what he turned out to be not what he was when he joined. He certainly worked on aspects of his game and strength. Read the same for Manure s Robbie.

    I just hope that he is given the right amount of time to develop. I doubt if he will be an instant hit but blossoms Given his background to date he has certainly got a chance
  13. Misfit
    He's gonna be the mustard.
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  14. Chris_D
    We definitely shouldn't give up on this guy. Let's just look at a few facts and see if that sounds like a player we want. He's an Argentinean international. He's still young. He's performed at the top level in Italy, in Rome where the pressure is crazy (probably worse than Milan). He's spent a year in England, acclimatising himself and learning (maybe only a little) of the language. We now have an Argentinean manager. He did not have a great season, had injuries and when the world cup final came around I admit he wasn't there and none of this makes him Lionel Messi. Put it all together and there's something to work with.
  15. vigospur
    Fingers crossed. We can recruit any number of physical workaholics but this guy has the potential to be the "magic" player that will win a game from nowhere.
    Really hoping he comes through but the only certainty is that we massively overpaid for him.
  16. De-BearYid
    I really hope he becomes the player we 'expacted' as well
  17. E17yid
    Do you think Eriksen can bench press more than Lamela?
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  18. yiddopaul
    I'm with you in that I really want to see him kick on. I feel quite optimistic for him, the obvious reason being MP's influence, also he's had a year to adjust. My only concern is the pressure will be on him more in his 2nd season than last year.

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