Townsend cuts short Leeds loan

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Feb 23, 2012.

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    Warnock disappointed with midfielder's choice.

    Leeds boss Neil Warnock has confirmed Andros Townsend has ended his loan spell at Elland Road to return to Tottenham.

    Townsend joined Leeds on New Year's Day and has made seven appearances during his time in Yorkshire.

    However, the player has opted to cut short his stay at Leeds as he struggled to settle at the club.

    Warnock admits he is disappointed to lose the midfielder amid rumours that Birmingham are lining up a swoop for the 20-year-old.


    "I've lost Townsend," Warnock told the club's official website.

    "His agent told me he didn't like here, he wasn't happy and he hadn't settled.

    "I've heard that Birmingham want to sign him, I don't know if that's got anything to do with it.

    "I'm disappointed because we've lost a player, but I don't want people who don't want to be here so good riddance I say if it's what he wants to do."
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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. avonspurs
    Everything about Warnock makes me want to hit him...hard. There is nothing in here that appears to show that Townsend has acted incorrectly yet Warnock ends his statement with that comment.

  2. SpursMan
    think there is a place back at the lane for andros we do look a little light
  3. Wellspurs
    Smart move by Andros lets hope he's not cup tied and knocks chelsea out of the FA cup.
  4. gp13tot
    nothing wrong with what warnock said imo, yes it's not for certain townsend is being creative with the truth but its easy to be suspicious of the modern footballer, and he is basically rallying his troops for their promotion push by making out they are better off without him. i'd rather him be with us anyway as we have a few injury issues in mid/att
  5. not_tenth-again
    I think that says a fair bit about townsend actually. Sent out on loan to gain experience and prove his value to spurs.... it was an opportunity and he didn't take it. Hope he goes to Birmingham, he shouldn't be rewarded with game time at spurs this season.
  6. browndchl
    If the guy has not settled at the club or area what's the problem?
  7. Kendall
    I think it's soft. He hasn't settled? he's only there for 5 months FFS, suck it up and prove your worth.

    That said, I don't think we should've loaned him out anyway.
  8. TajSpur
    He's cup tied as I remember he played at the Degenerates Stadium in the 3rd round. Shame...
  9. hybridsoldier
    I never really understood why we loaned him out when Lennon was injured. Kranjcar is awesome but if his guile isn't working then bringing on the pace and directness of Andros is a great option.

    On the flip....another loan where he has played well but decide to come back to Spurs.
  10. Geez
    I reckon it's the Warnock factor - nice guy off the pitch but a real **** as a manager

    Bet he's not at Leeds at the start of next season
  11. tomo

    Nice guy off the pitch? The guys a total bell end - period. Never seen him show any dignity ever.
  12. Geez
    Ever seen any interviews away from football?

    Dr Jekyll and ..............
  13. Spursidol
  14. DreadySpur
    Actually as Geez said he comes across as a nice guy away from football...very family orientated, much like our own manager.

    We only see what he is like pitch-side, which is passionate and in post-match interviews which is honest and opinionated ala Mick McCarthy.

    Additionally, he gets results, and has had success in getting teams into the Premier League from the the Championship. Wolves should have snapped him up in my opinion....
  15. avonspurs
    'comes across' being the big part of that statement. Fact is: only himself, his family and very close friends will know what he's really like, not us who get a media presentation of his personality. Personally, I think he's a twat but that's based on nothing more than what I see of him within the realms of football.

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