Trippier: loss to Manchester City ruined my confidence

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Mar 5, 2018.

  • by mawspurs, Mar 5, 2018 at 11:36 PM
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    Kieran Trippier has admitted that his confidence was rocked by Tottenham's thrashing at Manchester City in December but insists he is a better player now.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. jenko
    Jayzus, he wouldn't be the 1st. I'd defo play him in the next game we play city. Not confident Aurier wouldn't give 2 penos away before being sent off.
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  2. sebo_sek
    And a foul throw inbetween.
    TBH Aurier is still learning and there is a GREAT player in there. It's a choice between Aurier's speed and Trippier's precision. For games like City or Juve - where we need to attack quickly, I'd go for Aurier.
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  3. Spurs 1961
    Love his honesty. It shows that at Spurs we have a mentality amongst players to improve all the time.
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  4. Japhet
    Anybody is going to have a tough time against City, and Sane in particular. No shame in that.
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  5. Locotoro
    i really hope that come Man City we don't go out there and do what Arsenal and Chelsea have done and basically bend over and take a beating.

    We're good enough to beat Man City if we play to our strengths
  6. Shadydan
    Poch rarely does the sitting back thing.
  7. Locotoro
    On the contrary, it's how we masterminded recent victories against Real and last season's games at Man city and liverpool
  8. Shadydan
    We didn't sit back in any of those matches.
  9. Locotoro
    We definitely played on the counter at Real where we had around 30% possession, we had a bit more in the return match but still no more than 40% and our play was more faster moving forward.
    This style was a feature of our games against City and Liverpool last season where Poch had "learned" how to adapt to playing the big clubs.

    We didn't implement our natural pressing game and play it out from the back. It was back to front very quickly. I recommend going back and watching the highlights but it was not our natural game.
  10. Shadydan
    We are taking about two different things, when I say sit back I mean we didn't drop deeper when we defended, the defensive line was just as high as it normally is, we just ceded possession in the Liverpool, Dortmund and Madrid matches and you're right in saying we had quicker transitions going forward though and we did slightly change the tactics for them.

    Also the City game last season we out pressed them and won the 2nd balls more than anything, last season we still hadn't learned to alter our tactics against the big teams, they had more possession because they are a possession based side.
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  11. Locotoro
    Right, so with that in mind my point is I think (maybe overconfidence) that we are good enough to press them high. I've not seen any team press their back line yet. Liverpool did it and got a 4-3 win and I think we are better drilled than Liverpool at pressing (although the press is slightly different)
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  12. Shadydan
    We actually tried to press them in the match at the Etihad but they were too good and just passed around us, also their keeper's kicking is so accurate it was just beating our press from goal kicks.

    As an aside I reckon Liverpool press better than us but they run out of steam quicker as well, I think we can sustain our press over a longer period.
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  13. Locotoro
    Read a very interesting article highlighting the difference between the presses. Liverpool's press is a counter press where they press only when a pass goes square into the middle, so essentially they are pressing unforced errors and it gives them the chance to counter players who are out of position. It was described more as a trap its why it only works with fast players in the front line.

    Whereas we press the back line and goalkeeper to force them to play the percentage ball where we can win the ball and bring the ball forward again. Our press requires more team coordination and more energy (as you've suggested) and more drilling. Liverpool set a trap and we smother our opponents.
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  14. Sir Henry
    A lot of teams have lost before they even play them, makes them even better than they actually are. They are playing well and have a good team, I would expect this though when they have spent the same as small countries with no FFP rules to adhere to. I hope we dont think weve lost the game before playing them at Wembley.

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