[Update 15] Hercules on Moura

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Aug 31, 2011
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Who: Hercules
When: 18th January
Where: Spurs Community

Just to clear one particular point up regarding Moura. It is my belief that PSG wanting to offload him, and we have not bid, but have had tentative talks. The French press are right about loan deal (if were to take it further). Seems they want a ridiculous fee, or commitment from any potential buyer, even if initial loan. So when a respected Twitter journo comes out and says ‘no truth’. I laugh, and the insiders know why:unsure:

"Telefoot saying the asking price is 30M Euro which is £26-27m. If the player meets with Poch and he's impressed I could see us going for it, especially in the current market, isn't Malcolm mooted at 45M Euro?"

They want crazy money
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