[Update 2] Ali Z on January

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Feb 1, 2005
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Who: Ali Z
When: 19th December
Where: COYS

ali z on jan window: Passing on what I know, Poch would like 2 player sin creative player and fast player both to bring goals and allow for more roation, problem is salaries are real issue when bringing in players better than we have. He thinks Kane, Alli, Son and Dier all need some rest as have been overplayed in last 18 months but does not think he can as we don't have enough players of quality to bring in. Nothing expected but they are trying am told unlikely unless it's a Bruma style signing ( lot of competition) ...Poch concerned about burnout/fatigue impacting heavily if we do not get a few additions to freshen things up.

biggups to Dov for whoring :D
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