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Jan 4, 2005
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Who: Hercules
When: 2nd January 2018
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I have just received some snippets information. Poch wants RB badly, against any ‘wait until summer Ross’. He has waited until January, and reason he did not go chavs. If we are saying same again he WILL sign for chavs now.

Goons favourites for Zaha in summer, if we don’t firm up agreement with Parish for then. He will not desert them in January, unless Palace pushes him; which they won’t. We cocked up in the summer when we had our chance. He has a clause to be allowed to talk to top clubs of fee is in excess of ******million. He would decide what he wants to do. His gang feel we did not treat talks with the respect and seriousness, as would be expected, and if the other lot came in he would likely go there.

RS, we have verbal agreement in place for summer. We want to deal now, and take him, with his brother staying until summer. Fulham want him (RS) to stay and push for possible play-offs. We want him (if we agree) to train 60-70% of the time with us if we agree such deals. Sess has already met Poch in summer, more than once.

Danny Rose feeling loved, and made up. Not a certainty he will go. May change if we fall off out of Top 4. Dier is ambitious, and do not be so confident we would not ‘consider’ if very good offer came in. Regarding Toby, it is not really about the money, as indications were in summer his team had all but agreed our offer. He wants to win trophies, and not wait 2 years to realise that. New stadium means nothing.

We have first option on Kluivert of Ajax, and couple more players interest us in Holland, with another also at Ajax.

We have 100% not bid for Malcom, and personally, from the vibes I am hearing, he is not our first choice. Poch has good relationships with peeps of Mahrez, and they have been pushing him in our direction. Doubt we will deal at fees it is believed Leicester would want.

Trippier won’t go in January, but possible in summer. KWP wants a loan, Poch wants him to stay, learn and fight. He believes he is not getting fair chances, and one of best trainers, always impressing. We have hinted we want to revisit his recent contract with a new one. He wants to wait and see.

Marcus very happy, but may want a loan. Poch does not believe it would do him good. He has 2 years after this, with option on another year. Poch speaks to him a lot, and Marcus is bulking up, and desperate to convince to even earn a bench place. You can understand his enthusiasm, and impatience a bit. He would not be human otherwise. He is very ambitious, and convinced in his own ability, without being cocky.

GKN will go on loan, or sold. VJ is done here. Sissoko going nowhere. He has impressed everybody with his turn around.

Back Poch is my advice!
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