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Discussion in 'SC ITK' started by Bulletspur, Jan 2, 2018.

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    Want to add, something I just realised I did not put in my post. I am sure, and believe that is where Poch is going with ‘get deals agreed quick...’

    We WILL be spending big, not in the regions of citeh and chavs. We have eyes on some key big targets, if they can be done. Again; whilst I 99.99% do not believe this one will happen. RM are talking to us about Bale, and Modric wants to come back. I highly doubt either will happen, but more RM pushing, especially Bale.

    We want to make a statement to ALL on moving into our stadium, along with sponsors etc. And on that note, we are prrry covered with big parties tendering their offers, along with a certain shirt sponsor. NFL especially is prepared to throw money at us, beyond 2 games, which in turn has got US sponsors falling over themselves. Asian market wants to join sponsorships as well.

    Poch wants to be on par with scoucers in the forward alternative department, and a priority of his. I personally doubt Toby will be sold in summer, unless a crazy bid from a certain popular club is received. If-big if! He is sold, we will bring someone in from overseas, as UK market has inflated market for average players, much less ones we would want, like Mawson.

    Please folks, stop using with no knowledge our financial restrictions, due to new stadium. COYS
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