[Update 34] Grey Fox with updates on outs, Marseille & sponsorships

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Jul 10, 2008
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Sorry about the belated post, but I have been bombing up and down the motorways for the last few days and had little time to get on here. I had a long chat with my man after the game on Saturday and although he was reluctant with some detail he gave me a lot of background stuff so here goes.

The Goat's bleat was correct about Bentaleb and although he has been trying hard in training he has been doing it with attitude any thing over 12 m and he will be gone, with at least 3 clubs showing serious interest. The same goes for Mason, Poch loves him, but if the right bid came in he would be allowed to leave if he wanted to. Tom Carrol is also on that list, but again Poch likes him as a person and around the squad, but he has been told his playing time will be limited. Yedlin is in the North East talking to both Sunderland and Newcastle. Chadli wants to stay, but also been told he may be warming the bench a lot this season. Its 50/50 if he goes. Poch has a tough week ahead because he likes most of the above players, but he is willing to make hard decisions for the betterment of the team/club. Eriksen will sign a new contract, but my man thinks he will be gone by this time next year.

N'Kandou should be with us before the Liverpool game and as I have said before the delay has been caused because of the change at the top at Marseille and their attempt to change payment structures. Poch still wants another AM and he has someone "special" in mind. to quote my source "it wont be Pogbaesque , but will surprise people" The Spanish GK also still on the cards.

There have been enquiries from at least two potential buyers of the club, but we are a long way from selling. Naming rights are a lot further down the road and an announcement could be made within the next 12 months. Levy and co have been busy lining up various new sponsorship deals and advertising for when we move into the new ground. In short he is short listing major companies for like for like exclusive deals e.g. Coke v Pepsi, Fed Ex v UPS, basically the highest bidder will get the gig.

Due to the amount of info this will probably be my last ITK this window unless I hear something special that can go in here.
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