[Update 37] Hertyid on Isco

Discussion in 'The January 2016 ITK Archive' started by Archibald&Crooks, Aug 28, 2016.

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    Who: Hertyid
    When: 28th August
    Where: COYS

    I waited all day to hear back from my guy on this. He's currently in Malta, no idea why.
    He says it's not bullshit, we have been speaking with his dad all week (?), Madrid want him away at least one year on loan and we have been trying to negotiate a deal with them that gets around his buyout clause for the permanent option next summer (I don't know what this is).
    Will come down to the player, apparently Milan (or Inter, I could work out who he meant) also chasing. Player doesn't really want to leave Madrid but game time likely to be limited.
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