[Update 42] Gards on targets

Discussion in 'The Summer 2017 ITK Archive' started by dave5150, Aug 15, 2017.

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    Who: Gards
    When: 15th August
    Where: SC

    Aurier not happening, no bid for RS [Ryan Sessegnon], BKD [Keita Balde Diao] unfortunately not happening which is frustrating.
    We are looking at wing forwards but the club is calm and things are starting to move. I would be stunned if DS [Davinson Sanchez] doesn't get done but we have been there before,
    RB [Ross Barkley] Has agreed PT [personal terms] for sometime again this may be last minute, diop [Pape Chiekh Diop].... This has come from knowhere and I have no clue on that link."
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