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Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by ealingspur, Nov 10, 2011.

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    Oh god. I thought the way PSU handled Sandusky was so awful that anyone would learn from it. Then MSU said hold my beer. Christ. This reaction is making PSU's seem brilliant. Holy shit. Amateur hour. All the way from MSU's president's tone deaf resignation letter to Dantonio and Izzo today. If those 2 buffoons last the weekend, i'll be shocked. This stuff runs so deep at that place. Nasser was like the tip of the iceberg there.:eek:

    From trying to skirt around Title IX, trying their damnedest to shut ESPN up when they were going after this before, the multitude of cover ups of allegations that continued to be brought forward against a multitude of athletes. There might not be actual NCAA violations but I consider this a complete lack of institutional control. But shame on the NCAA president. He knew about sexual assault issues at MSU 8 fucking years ago and did absolutely nothing. He let this continue!

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