Villa appoint Tim Sherwood as manager

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Gaz_Gammon, Feb 14, 2015.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Gaz_Gammon, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. Sweetsman
    Why is it childish? Because I pointed out something that went against your contention? It's MP's first half season at Spurs, for the record.
  2. Sweetsman
    Try joined up thinking next time: he counted on Ade rather a lot. The main player he had a problem with was Vertonghen, who he slated as being unable to defend earlier this season. Vertonghen is a lynchpin of the defence now.
  3. diamondlight
    Ah yes, lynchpin of a defence that has conceded more goals than any other team in the top half this season.

    I don't rate Vertonghen; he is slow, weak, casual, arrogant and sulky. Give me a manager any day who isn't afraid to ruffle the egos of his players and wins 59% of his games in the premier league.

    Reminds me of another top manager - Alex Ferguson. Win percentage 59.6, and tells it like it is.

    I hate to say it, but I think the reason spurs haven't done well over the years is that our fans are clueless.
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  4. spursram
    Sweetie...contention! Poch, if you follow spurs, has played x2 against Chelsea and x2 against Arsenal. Sherwood had x1 and x1. So could you have made your childish remark on 1/1, about half way thro' the season? I am working on memory but I am sure there are results that favour Sherwood.
    Poch is doing brilliant, but I don't see why fans castigate Sherwood. Some pratt above made the remark all he did was introduce Kane and Bentaleb.....all he did! And if Mason wasn't on loan I am sure he would have introduced him...much to the ridicule of some fans on here.
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  5. 14/04/91
    Regardless of who he is, I find it amazing that he's been in the running for 3 or 4 premier league jobs after being a manager for just 22 league matches.

    If I were a chairman, I'd be looking into the championship & league 1 at men like Howe, Cotterill & Karl Robinson. It's a gamble but so is Sherwood frankly.
  6. philip
    He undermined hoddle as a player and massively undermined and poisoned the press against AVB. the countless leaks and sources to the press against AVB was all Sherwood.
    The guy is a snake and I really hope he fails at everything he does.
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  7. Sweetsman
    Sherwood played Arsenal twice and lost both. Try getting your facts right next time, sweetie!
  8. Sweetsman
    Well, you're a fan and are clueless. That's about the only fact that comes out of that drivel you produced.
  9. diamondlight
    Oh I see, so you just have to say that something is 'drivel' and you're definitely right.

    What you said is drivel. This is fun, isn't it?

    That 59% premier league win percentage isn't going away though.
  10. diamondlight
    And if we had Sherwood's points per game this season, we'd be third.

    Still, he's a snake, an embarrassment, blah blah blah blah. Goodnight!
  11. Sweetsman
    Sherwood identified faults in the team correctly, but he undermined the team by not being able to keep things behind closed doors. That was his problem, and it was down to a constant need to be centre of attention, something that can across in his newspaper column. He was also the leak at Spurs, using certain journalists to undermine AVB. He should get plaudits for introducing young players, but that was his job as he was in charge of the development squad.
  12. double0

    I thought that interview was a master stroke, you'd never hear another former Spurs coach talk the truth as Sherwood did. He was 100% right and many members of that team had been shipped out.

    I reckon Time will turn out to be a really good manager.
  13. Sweetsman
    Goodnight? It's not even 3pm.
  14. Sweetsman
    How many have been shipped, and of them how many would he have been referring to? Dawson? Siggurdsson? Holtby?
    It's all very well telling home truths, and he was, but tell me any great manager who would have done that in public. Can you ever recall Ferguson or Mourinho doing that?
  15. Sweetsman
    Try to think about sample size next time you chuck around stats, and don't extrapolate to no logical effect.
  16. Sweetsman
    You're quoting Ferguson's win percentage over a quarter of a century of managership; Sherwood was only in it for six months or so.
  17. Sweetsman
    Sherwood has a 100% win rating at Villa, and he's not even fully in charge. He's not a naughty boy; he's the Messiah!
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  18. CosmicHotspur
    He has his first win.
  19. diamondlight
    Good point - it's even more impressive. Took Fergie a while to get going.
  20. diamondlight
    2.20 seconds.

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