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Discussion in 'Columns' started by SimonSpur, Feb 13, 2011.

  • by SimonSpur, Feb 13, 2011 at 3:25 PM
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    Hello folks.

    Over the past weeks/months, I have noticed a rising trend. No matter how well we are performing (and considering our injury list, our recent run has been nothing short of superb) or how we manage to grind out results, the sheer number of people posting anti-Harry or anti-"insert-player-name-here" bile is growing and often overwhelms any discussion topics.

    It is becoming tiresome and certainly off-putting. I am by no means saying that we should not criticise the team or Harry when it is deserved, but it seems some come on here with a set agenda to post negative and inflammatory bile regardless of the situation or the topic.

    I am not calling for anyone to be banned, because different opinions are part of what makes this site so interesting and thought-provoking.

    There are threads for discussing how much they hate Harry, or how sh*t the team is, but it happens every time we go a goal down in match threads, or in any number of other threads. It is pathetic, especially in view of how we have managed some incredible comebacks all season, and where we sit in the table. It puts me off posting, and sends me elsewhere online. I know I am not alone in this feeling.

    This is a brilliant site. I am only writing because I am keen for it to stay as the best Spurs site on the web.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by SimonSpur, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. millsey
    we needed this said.ive posted a few times saying how this site is changing.there so much bitter and angry people posting things about harry levy and the team.things we never saw when we were laungishing mid table for the last 20 years.i doesnt get much better than being a spurs fan now.we are respected for the way we play football all over the world.as the italians.i honestly would have just taken beating arsenal this year!and to do it how we did,people just forget what weve done in the last few years.if we win our game in hand at blackpool,we are 3RD in the premier league!only man utd have lost more games than us,and we play very attractive football!sure we didnt get a striker in,but harry wanted one,and we have no till the start of next season to get that superstar.i havent seen a single defoe and pav pull your fingers out post,its more harry u should have done this!he cant babysit every player!hes been slagged off for not playing kran,but who here hopes bales fit for tuesday??i certainly do,and if that means niko back to the bench,then thats the tough decisions harry has to make
  2. onthetwo
    Good observation and I can only assume so of such posters haven't followed spurs for long as this is probably the best team I can remember in almost 40years.
    There's always something frustrating about spurs - it's kind of in our DNA but that's all part of the fun as far as I'm concerned.
  3. RickyVilla
    The vitrol being spat yesterday on the match thread was unbelievable. I understand people get passionate as I know I do, but no matter what some players do (JJ) they get slagged off. It is like JJ had violated the posters mother or something. I can't help thinking that some people only go on there to moan and bitch. Pretty sad I think but each to their own.
  4. Jody
    It's nothing new. Sadly.
  5. pistolP
    Millsey, you do not help by your use of abusive language on this site. Since when is it an offence to criticize someone and it can be an offence to abuse someone.

    And for the original poster, i take your point.
  6. CliffJones
    Right behind you, and I've noticed that some of the posts by the usual suspects are beginning to be deleted. I have been elsewhere for the last month or so because these people really do drag the site down to the depths. What was a good entertaining, thought provoking site is in danger of its own demise if it carries on.
  7. leic_spur_daveed
    The team, manager, fans and board are perfect in every way, we put Mary Poppins to shame, we are Tottenham, super Tottenham, from the Lane.
  8. nidge
    Agreed that the mindless hatred of manager/players/chairman is tiresome but lets not allow a few small minded people prevent thought provoking and constructive criticism of people at our club as a lot of the time the more constructive comment get lost in the sea of petty bickering between two opposing parties.

    As for the match thread, you have to expect massive emotional swing in the thread based on how the game is going. Most of time my initial reaction to going behind in a game is to be upset (worse if it's shit defending and sloppy play like Fulham) but just like there is a flow to a game of football it's the same in the match thread. It's just part of the problem of being able to comment instantly on any given incident that takes place in a match which mean a lot of the time it's an emotion reaction instead of a rational comment.

    One thing I think we can all do well to remember is that we are Spurs fans at the end of the day and each in our own way wants what we believe is best for the club. :up:
  9. Gaz_Gammon
    Great post, and i certainly agree. When you consider how our astute Chairman lavished cash at trying to get a new satdium on the cheap with no hope at all and then to swoop for the talented Neville and Adams combo it just shows his total ambition for this great club of ours. I only hope that he can get Dear David on a long term deal when his contract runs out in L.A.

    Never a smarter Chairman has resided at WHL in my opinion......................
  10. millsey
    when did spurs get so big that neville and adam arent good enough for us?adam has been one of the midfielders of the season,liverpool wanted him and Ferguson has come out and said hes worth at least ten million.nevilles a gimp but a good right back,the only right back thats made bale look average all season.im sure u expect messi and ronaldo to be putting in transfer requests to come to us but untill that happens,come back to the real football world
  11. Jaispurs
    Hallelujah. Some of the children on here make my blood boil.. I wish some of these kids would have seen our teams under Graham, Francis, Gross, Shreaves and Pleat (2nd time around) they would understand how good this guy actually is.
    His points per game record is 2nd only to Bill Nick????
  12. pistolP
    For me, i think Levy is the best chairman in the Premiership and will not swap him with anyone.
  13. SimonSpur
    I note your sustained anger in almost everything you post on Spurs Community, Gaz. Your sarcasm is not nearly as clever as you think it is.

    Do you really think Levy has no ambition for Spurs? Do you remember where we were before he and Joe Lewis came in?

    You're well within your rights to be frustrated/angry that we didn't get a striker, and that we seem a long way off getting a stadium, but I am genuinely interested to know how long you have supported Spurs for and if that explains your negativity/sarcasm?

    I ask because I am 29, and cannot remember as good a squad in my lifetime, or us having it so good on the pitch.

    I can only conclude that you have a) only been supporting Spurs since last year, and your expectations and judgements are skewed by what was one of our most successful league seasons in decades, or b) you are in your sixties and remember the great Spurs sides of yesteryear, which this side cannot yet hold a candle to.

    If you could channel some of your nigh-on constant negativity into the occasional bit of actual support for your club, you would be one hell of a twelfth man to have in the crowd.
  14. davidmatzdorf
    This place is presently being dominated by a substantial minority of people with totally distorted views of reality: bitter and twisted, full of rage, just waiting for an excuse to go off. There are roughly 20 of them and they have completely undisciplined minds, packed with vicious intentions.

    Typically, the milder versions of this concerted attempt to destroy Spurs Community are camouflaged as "Harry has taken us as far as he can", often derived from the risible notion that our primary transfer targets in January were Phil Neville and David Beckham. An example of such a snide and malicious post is just above. Taken on its own, it's simply an annoyance. Taken in concert with twenty or thirty similar posts per day, it's part of a destructive campaign.

    Two snide posts just above typify another technique, also used with malicious intent to distort and polarise the board. They set up a stereotypical division of people between "positive" v. "negative", although it is falsely portrayed as "naive" v. "realistic". It is a technique intended to mislead, because it enables the bitter-and-twisted mob to portray those of us who want to see clearly as insisting that "Harry can do no wrong" and as being unrealistically Pollyanna-ish about the quality of players and coaches at the club.

    There is a very small number of people here who actually do focus to an unrealistic degree on the good aspects of bad performances. But focusing on them is really just reinforcing a misdirection. The vast majority of people who are dismissed as "Harry-worshippers" are just balanced observers with critical minds who try to see clearly and criticise when criticism is due (e.g., see my post at half time yesterday).

    The accurate distinction is between (a) people whose reasons to watch football are that they think the game is beautiful and exciting and that they want Spurs to do well, who generally prefer to observe the good and the bad clearly and then describe what they see, and (b) people who are primarily motivated to watch football by rage and hate, whose main requirement is to find hate-objects in other teams and in our own teams, so they can fulfill their need to have something to blame in life.

    The majority of the people who post ill-tempered rants on the forum, during matches in the heat of the match threads, but especially between matches, when the heat of the moment is no excuse, are the second type. They have a need to be angry at Spurs, so it is necessary for any degree of success to be portrayed as inadequate and disappointing and for the manager's degree of competence and ambition to be a target of scorn, even when the club has lost one of its last fifteen league matches.

    By contrast, the majority of the people who actually keep the proper debate moving here are the first type. We discuss football. When we play badly, we criticise without calling players abusive names and we concentrate on being scathing about what they do instead of what they are. We don't require hate-objects in our own team and some of us even refrain from cluttering up the board with ridiculously overstated expressions of contempt about our rivals.

    Specifically, we don't "have faith in Harry" or "think he walks on water" or "think he's perfect". We just recognise what he has achieved, as opposed to focusing exclusively on what we have yet to achieve.

    I'm pleased to see some malicious posts being deleted, or rather posts that I assume must have been malicious, as I didn't have the privilege of reading any of them. Eventually, in a community, even a democratic one, the collective has to make some value judgments regarding what is and is not acceptable. Sometimes, when people persist in spreading unpleasantness to the point where they swamp everyone else's desires for what the community should represent, they have to be told to shut up and, if they do not fall into line, eventually they have to be censored and exiled from the process.
  15. xmastreeformation
    Well said. This is the best squad I can remember - we are mixing it with Chelsea and Man City and have you seen their wage bill.

    Oh and I am currently looking forward to a knock-out Champions league on Tuesday with AC Milan, that I think we actually have a chance (even if it slim)
  16. nidge
    Yes the posts that have been deleted of late are the more malicious one's that are just trying to wind people up.

    I would like to add that while there isn't a report button on the front page that if there is anything that anyone feels is inappropriate please feel free to PM any of the Mods and we can look at it and take action should it be deemed necessary.
  17. 2bearis2do
    Wow 20 of them - who are they David?
  18. Azrael
    So basically DM, you are saying that if you dare question Harry you are a bad seed out to destroy the site....

    ...and here was me stupidly thinking this was a site for discussion.
  19. davidmatzdorf
    OK, that's good: now perhaps we can have the moderators turn their attention to the drip-drip-drip of snide, sarcastic posts on every single thread (there are no exceptions that I can find): having a scornful pop at Levy's and Redknapp's transfer strategy, Redknapp's man-management tactics, Crouch's technique, Jenas' competence, Defoe's lack of goals and Redknapp's supposedly unreasonable refusal to prioritise certain less-used players over frequently-used players.

    These are what I meant when I referred to one such post being an annoyance and thirty such posts being a campaign. It is no longer possible to have any form of discussion at Spurs Community without some malevolent fucker horning in to make a bitchy comment about the club, its management or its players.

    It's death by a thousand cuts and it's wrecking the board.

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