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    Well would you resign Dimitar Berbatov? Growing excitement amongst Spurs fans, and not a little argument. He could be available in January at reasonable cost as he seems surplus to requirements at Man.Utd. Great player, one of the best in a Spurs shirt in the Premiership years.

    He would certainly boost our push for top three this season and provide necessary support for Adebayor. We might not even be vastly out of pocket from the sale of Pavlyuchenko.

    So where's the problem? No brainer to some, perhaps to most. However let me present an alternative view.

    We are currently third in the Premiership at the top of the London league.

    We have achieved this through sound financial management, increasing stability of managers and squad and careful team-building.

    We have had four fifth place finishes and a wonderful year in the Champions' League in the past few years and could do it again this year.

    We have recruited some outstanding senior players, some talented youngster and retained all of our best players.

    How have we achieved this without a shiny new stadium to generate cash?

    At the moment we don't pay top whack salaries or pay ridiculous transfer fees.

    We don't have owners who have pockets deep enough to satisfy our every whim.

    We don't offer the certainty of the Champions' League though the whole situation is becoming much more fluid.

    So what exactly is our USP as the marketing boys say? It's certainly not sexy money. It certainly includes the prospect of a brighter future and our reputation currently as possibly the most exciting team in the Premiership. Cue 'The Entertainers'.

    We have at root our prestige as a famous club; our reputation as a side that plays good football and our integrity as a fair, honest, stable and well run club. We won't attract the mercenaries and trophy hunters with this pitch but it might appeal to the next level, Modric, Van der Vaart, Berbatov himself at the time. Players who haven't quite hit the headlines or don't fit in where they are.

    It will appeal to up and coming stars like Sandro, and to experienced players looking for a safe haven at the end of their careers, Friedel, Gallas and Parker for example. It is enough to retain our current stars, Bale, Lennon,Walker.

    So back to the Berbatov dilemma. Some would sign him without a second thought because he's a good player and whatever happened in the past is water under the bridge. Success is all that matters.

    Some would sign him with pegs on their noses but sign him nevertheless saying that there's no point cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    Some like me would not re-sign him at any price because of the circumstances under which he left. He showed total disrespect to the club, was a destabilising and disruptive influence and to ignore all this undermines the very integrity on which our success relies.

    Success must be achieved by the proper means, not bought, not cheated for or else it is a hollow sham and not worth having. I desperately want us to succeed; I pine for Champions' League and for the signing of better and better players and I've waited for it for a lot longer than most of you. But not at any cost or at any price.

    Out of touch I may be but so in a sense are our core values, but we don't seem to be doing too badly by them. There are many reasons to dislike Harry but he has restored our pride through success on the pitch.

    And he has done all this without losing his dignity, slagging off other managers and referees; without encouraging the team to dispute every decision, or crowd the referee. I take almost as much store by our current position as top of the Fair Play league as I do at our third place in the Premiership.

    Success then, achieved the right way, playing good football, with a well integrated and bonded team under Harry's benign dictatorship. Berbatov, great player but poor attitude. You didn't want us when we needed you and there should be no rewards for rejection.

    Thanks Dimitar, but no thanks. We made this mistake with Keane and even made him captain. Let's not humiliate ourselves again.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by JimmyG2, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. ultimateloner
    Think of the plus side....Berba on his day was exceptional; dare I say it, even better than our current crop of players and that includes VdV, Modric, Adebayor, Bale...you name it.

    Played beautiful football, played others in, can play alone; there wasn't much more you could ask of a target man. If he comes back we could do with Modric gone.
  2. AnotherSpursFan
    I disagree, Modric is a professional who gives his all on the pitch even though we blocked his dream move

    Berbatov...he's just a w****r.
  3. ero1x
    It's funny that people should say he would be an upgrade on Pav. Yes of course he would, but then why would he leave the Man Utd bench to warm our bench?
  4. JimmyG2
    I have no problem with players leaving for fame and fortune elsewhere.
    However for whatever reason Modric didn't leave and is still giving us the benefit to the full of his £40 million pound talent.
    This saga is not finished and I think that of English clubs Man. Utd might be the next serious suitors. He is good enough for Barcelona too.
    We let Berbatov go and got good money for him again, perhaps it suited us at the time to take the money or because he is a more determined or awkward character.
    My point is that having left us for greener pastures they should live with their decisions.
    It depends really on the terms on which they leave.
    At the moment it looks as if we did him and ourselves a favour.
    If he goes to Chelsea now it's clearly for the money but whatever he goes for I don't want him back.
  5. saintlyspur
    yes he would be an upgrade over pav but so would stevie wonder,but I would still welcome him back because he is quality
  6. Spur-of-the-moment
    Merry Christmas.

    I don't believe Berbatov was going through the psychological distress attributed to him by David M, any more than Luka was suffering in the same way when he said his head wasn't in that first game of the season. Berba had been promised by the DoF that Spurs would move him on if a bigger club came knocking. He was persuaded to stay one more year in the hope that we would qualify for the CL and give him the stage his talent deserved. In the process of squeezing as much money as possible out of Man Utd (or Man City) he may have been concerned we were aiming to hang on to him, hence the upset.

    I don't bear Berba any grudge whatsoever.

    We got some very good football out of him and cashed in big time. He gave us great pleasure: I always felt he was a proper Spurs player, reminiscent of the great Alan Gilzean. I was genuinely bereft when he left us: I remember the first time I saw a Man U shirt with his name on and how strange it felt to see a Spurs name on a red vest.

    For what its worth I'd welcome him back with open arms as long as he fulfils the conditions above. At no time during his time at Spurs did I see him giving anything less than his best on the day. He doesn't have a sleeves rolled-up, charging about the place manner. Nor did Carrick and, for not getting his shirt dirty, the latter got a lot of undeserved stick in his first few months at Spurs from ignorant, message-board idiots who couldn't tell their arses from their elbows, let alone a well-positioned player who stays on his feet from a bad one who charges in to make up for his deficiencies. Robbie Keane was an histrionic exhibitionist who flattered to deceive and was a vastly inferior player to the phlegmatic Berba.

    Anyway who gives a hoot whether we here want Berbatov back or not? First, it's whether -- given his age -- he's available at the right price and willing to take a salary cut to join Spurs. No doubt those with keen eyes for the form of a footballer will be able to detect any signs of a decline and associated risks. Secondly, it's whether Harry feels he would be make a positive contribution to squad development.

    If he fulfils these conditions, he comes to us.
  7. Mullers

    Also I don't want United's cast off's, it was embarrassing when we replaced Berbatov with Campbell.
  8. HotspurFC1950

    No for me.

    I think his sullen demeanour is not good for the team personality.

    We are also much better than when he left and need to choose our signings even more carefully now so as to suit our culture.
  9. Azazello
    I'd love the player we had a few seasons back but as we saw with Keane, when his dream move fell a bit flat, we didn't get back quite the player who had left.

    So, that's a no from me.
  10. diamondlight
    I'd welcome Berba back with open arms - my favourite ever Spurs player.
  11. philp
    Football is a profession like many others, and msot peolple would not stay at their job out of pure loyalty. If a job with better prospects and more money came along most people would jump at it, that is all Berbatov did. He was one of the most gifted players I have seen at Spurs for fifty odd years and we would be foolish not to accept him back were he available and more importantly he wanted to come. However the chances of ManU selling a class act that they control to a rival who is breathing down their necks is not going to happen, so unfortunately this is a purely hypothetical discussion.
  12. Ionman34
    At the end of the day, whether we the fans would accept him back is irrelevant. One person only will decide and he was more upset about the way Berbatov acted than anyone, Levy.

    Would he have him back? I reckon it would be a cold day in Hell first.

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