What our opponents' fans are saying about us 17/18

Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by nicdic, Aug 5, 2016.

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    Glad to see this thread back on track.
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    Red Cafe discussing our chances of being in the top 4 this season. There's a lot of foreign fans on there who know nothing about Spurs but have an opinion on where we'll finish. One said he'd never heard of Dier until the Euro's and another asked what crowd size do we get each week. The problem with being one of the biggest teams in the world it attracts fans from all over who actually know nothing about football but are just glory hunters. Clearly some of the proper Utd fans are embarrassed by their foreign fans.

    One such fan posted these stats from last season in answer to another Utd fan saying we were a team that relied on keeping games tight and hoping we'd nick a goal!

    Total Shots (per game)
    1. Tottenham 17.3
    2. Liverpool 16.6
    3. Manchester City 16.2
    4. Arsenal 15.1
    5. West Ham 14.7
    6. Chelsea 13.8
    15. Manchester United 11.3

    Total Shots In Penalty Area (per game)
    1. Arsenal 9.5
    2. Manchester City 8.9
    3. Tottenham 8.5
    4. Liverpool 8.1
    5. Southampton 7.9
    6. Leicester 7.6
    14. Manchester United 5.7

    Shots On Target (per game)
    1. Tottenham 6.6
    2. Arsenal 5.6
    3. Manchester City 5.5
    4. Liverpool 5.3
    5. West Ham 4.9
    6. Leicester 4.7
    12. Manchester United 3.8

    Goals Scored
    1. Manchester City 71
    2. Tottenham 68
    3. Leicester 67
    4. West Ham 64
    5. Arsenal 62
    6. Liverpool 62
    10. Manchester United 46

    Key Passes
    1. Tottenham 501
    2. Liverpool 497
    3. Manchester City 479
    4. Arsenal 469
    5. West Ham 427
    6. Chelsea 404
    16. Manchester United 313


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    Incredible. This statement is perfectly applicable to Liverpool fans, yet they (or at least he) sees us that way? I'm pretty sure most of us have come to terms with being hated by pretty much every club, especially after last season when we were the villains of the fairy tale. Liverpool on the other hand are desperate to be seen as the 'good guys' of football, which I'm sure I've seen their fans refer to themselves as.
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    My favourite thing Liverpool fans all seem to do is claim that any special event that happens to them is a special event for all of football. Like any time they make a big comeback or something similar it's the most magical thing to happen in all of football and it's something they literally claim only happens with their club. As if other clubs don't make miraculous comebacks, ever. o_O
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    And they have no players capable of earning them a finish above Liverpoo in six of the last seven seasons...er...wait...no...er...:unsure::unsure::unsure:
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    Goodison is never an easy place to go, and that isn't likely something that will change now that they are getting a makeover. So hopefully first game of the season is the best time to go there, while their disgruntles are either just left, leaving, agitating to leave or still not reconciled to the fact that they aren't leaving, and before their manager and new players have really got settled in.

    Three points would be nice, and then watching our rivals struggle up there (y)
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    From Toffeetalk - pre Stones sale .... :D

    First game of the season and anything can happen. With Spurs having a good midfield I can see us playing 3-5-2 and packing the middle of the park but I'd rather play 4-3-3 with rom,Kev and Gerry causing havoc. I expect steck,Coleman,stones,Mori,holgate,Baines,gueye,Ross,Barry,Gerry,rom.

    Hope we get off yo a good start and the crowd get behind the lads. U can't help but get excited first game so gonna go for hard fought 2-1 late winner from Kev

    thanks for starting this i was on vacation. here's what i think we'll see
    Coleman Stones Mori Baines
    Gana Barry
    Gerry Barkley Mirallas

    I think that will be the line-up.
    Also think it'll end 0-2

    1-4 just like at the start of the 84-85 season. Hopefully followed by us finishing the season in the same place we finished the 84-85 season.

    i think it will be a draw. first match of the season everyone is tentative and getting back into the business of football.

    From what I have seen so far I don't see it ending well. Spurs still look pretty lively in pre-season and well... we don't!
    I think it will be important for Koeman to get off to a good start but I must admit I do fear a tonking.

    Dreading it

    Remember how we beat Southampton 3-0 away early last season? Slow start appears to be Koeman's trademark.

    I wouldn't be surprised if we do Spurs. It's the Everton way really, we will do Spurs, get our hopes up and take 2 points for the bext 3 or something.
    For me though the team mentioned before has 4 match winners in it for me ( Rom, Ross, Kev and Gerry ) we keep it tight at the back and I have every bit of confidence that those 4 will make something happen.

    I'm travelling again, but not sure if I'm upset to miss the arse-raping we're going to see at Goodison....
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  10. RichieS

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    Surprised they're that pessimistic. I'd take a draw now if offered - I hate Goodison!
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2016
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    I wouldn't. A fast start is critical for our title hopes imo. We need to use our built-in advantage of club continuity to try and pad points earlier in the schedule while our main contenders are settling.

    In addition, we get Everton at a moment of weakness with Stones leaving and questions around RL. I'd love to get our 3 now and watch the other big clubs go up there and drop points later in the season...
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    Who will they play instead of Stones though??
  13. Cavehillspur

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    Probably Jagielka, think he played 45mins at the weekend. I think they will sign Ashley Williams this week so possibly him.

    Edit: 12m fee agreed for Williams ...
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  14. double0

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    Ashley Williams
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  16. ryantegan

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    I have liked ashley williams but ive always thought that he had found a place of comfort and stability at Swansea. To me both Davies and Chester impressed more during the Euros.

    Buying Williams now feels at least 2 years too late
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    So, bearing in mind that Paul Mitchell left Southampton for Spurs, what do Southampton fans think of his resignation from Spurs today? Why do they think it's happened?

    Here's one poster's view on Saintsweb.

    "My take is that he was promised the moon on a stick..... Levy just gave him a stick."

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    I was going to make a post somewhat against this, but then I found that the last time a premier league team won the league without being in the top 4 after the first 5 games was in 2008/09, where Man utd were 15th before ending the season top.

    Having said that I think a draw against Everton will be a decent result. They are a dangerous team and historically home advantage is very significant on the first game. The first game can often provide unexpected results that when looking back appear as oddities I would be okay with negotiating through the first game with points on the board and teams such as Crystal Palace, Stoke and Sunderland where wins would provide us with a healthy 10 points to start the season off. I think we should be targeting 10-13 points in our first 5 games.
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    Who the fuck is Gerry by the way
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    Tempted to say Halliwell of Springer.

    My guess it's Delofeou
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