What our opponents' fans are saying about us 17/18


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May 11, 2008
From the Dortmund Reddit page. Pretty fair on the whole.

Felt we were the better team in the first half despite the scoreline, and we were definitely screwed over on the offsides call on the Aubamayeng goal. However our defense was shocking, Bartra and Schmelzer going down on Saturday didn’t help, and the way Spurs played in the second half they deserved this result.
No we definitely did not deserve to lose. Don't forget, Tottenham wad playing at home and most of the attacks were done by us and possession was dominated by us. We didnt deserve to win but we certainly didnt deserve to lose
Yeah, I have to agree. I thought we had a shot at halftime, but once Auba's goal was wrongfully disallowed and shortly followed by a 2nd for Kane, I figured it was curtains. An unfortunate result for us, but not entirely undeserved for Spurs.
Kinda frustrated to concede 3 when playing a team with 5 at the back...
And finally, one from the German version of Beece...

The Good
Our pressing and attack in the first half was great. Our fresh faces all did quite well. Yarmolenko popped his cherry, Toljan looked to have the potential to make the leftback spot his, though I'd really like to see what he can do on the right. Dahoud looked out of his element at times, but energetic in the first half. Toprak was the more solid of the two at the back and had a good first half.

Returning to the team, Kagawa was in good form, though not at his best quite yet. Completed 92% of his passes, and had a good relationship with Pulisic who he unleashed on a number of occasions. Never lost the ball to a challenge without getting the whistle for it, and assisted our only goal on the night. Apart from lead footing a perfectly timed pass, he had a good showing, though we didn't really utilize him as we should.

The Bad
Again, we ran out of steam before the end. Again, our high line was exploited. Too easily so. Again, we pushed so far up that Auba's strengths were muted, and put our front 3 too far up with nobody supporting Kagawa between the lines, leaving him only Sahin/Dahoud to play off of. A lot of tactical failings imo.

Another gripe is that the subs, minus Zagadou for Toprak, seemed to be predetermined. Gotze for Kagawa was hardly a solution to the issues. Gotze/Castro coming on to add a body between the lines, would have been a more effective way to make a difference, as would have pulling Yarmolenko deeper to the wing and pushing Lukasz back to support Sokratis. By the time the game was open enough for Auba to be running behind, we didn't have Kagawa on.

The Ugly
The MO's were bad. Starting off, the MO was reluctant to book as flying elbows and body slams flew left right and center. Auba's first goal was arguably offside, Kane committed a foul before scoring, Auba's last goal was onside, and that red was soft.

Burki did not have a good day. I don't really fault him for the near post goal thing. Our defense and the MO failed on those counts. But Burki came off his line rashly on a number of occasions, and his feeds were often poor.

Our Captain on the night was the worst player on the pitch. His decision making was negative. He repeatedly lost out on 1v1's, and was too slow defending the break. Between Papa and Toprak, our defense hasn't been this slow since post WC Hummels marshaled the line. He's not the sole cause of our defensive failings, but he certainly had the worst night of them all.


Jun 20, 2012
They do tend to class-up the joint, even when they have patently daft/wrong opinions on certain blindspots. *cough* Walker! *cough* Redknapp! *cough*
This guys gone to the effort of splitting his unnecessary and pretentious title into three sections as well, that deserves admiration on its own.


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Jun 13, 2012
My Dad watched the game in Cyrpus on German tv and said that they were raving about Kane and how we were going forward. Oliver Khan said that Kane is the best finisher in Europe at the moment.


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Dec 30, 2015
The post below kinda sums up the consensus on Dortmund's forum: Spurs were brutally efficient with their chances, while BVB were wasteful; BVB's defence and keeper were terrible; Spurs were canny, BVB naive.

In fact, they're saying the kinds of thing I've heard Spurs fans say about similar hard-to-stomach European defeats over the years.

That was
1 A deserved victory for the Spurs because they were simply poisonous than the BVB, although
2. the refereeing decisions were not exactly for us,
3. defensively catatrophal, especially on the right, which was
4. thanks to the forced short-term rebuilding measures in the defense, and
5. the recognition that we can still compete internationally with teams like Tottenham, Liverpool, Monaco, Sevilla, Milan, but not with the 5 or 6 market leaders.

For this reason, this should be the case. I would rather suffer as a dog than I am happy about the success I bought.

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Nov 5, 2008
Arse mania

Vertonghen > Alderweirehere

Definitely don't miss being in this competition
This spurs back 5 is very solid if they build good understanding

**** off spurs

BVB keeper beaten twice on his near post.....Useless

The refs are really ****ing Dortmund sideways here

Kane doing it in Europe now? Was a matter of time to

F##king Tottnumb

Don't know why people are surprised. This is almost the only way Tottenham win games these years. Trash side. (no idea what that means)

Harry effing Kane. ****er can score though. Dortmund been shafted by the linesmen but they've let in cheap goals...

Dortmund robbed here

Such a poacher Kane is
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Jun 4, 2005
So many idiots have said to me about Kane not being able to do it in Europe. They literally have no idea and can't have realised he was injured for 2 of our 3 group stage games last year. Before today he had 2 in 3. Now he has 4 in 4. And a good Europa record too. He's really not far away from being a top 5 ballon d'or contender.


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Aug 25, 2011
So many idiots have said to me about Kane not being able to do it in Europe. They literally have no idea and can't have realised he was injured for 2 of our 3 group stage games last year. Before today he had 2 in 3. Now he has 4 in 4. And a good Europa record too. He's really not far away from being a top 5 ballon d'or contender.
He's very similar to Lewandowski in the way that unlike Messi and Ronaldo they were probably not thought of as special players but their work ethic and ability to consistently improve has put them up with the best. In some ways it's more impressive because noone really expected it.