What our opponents' fans are saying about us 17/18

Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by nicdic, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. allpaths

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    Loved this little anology from a Juve fan:

    What a cuckold of a performance. For those that don't know what that is, it's when you allow someone to waltz into your home and have their way with your wife. Disgraceful.

    We totally ruined there beloved Juve for them. (y)

    Also came across something I thought I'd never see in my life. An Arsenal fan explaining to a distraught Juve fan, that Juve didnt let Tottenham back in the game, that in fact Spurs dominated the match and should have won.

    But I thought juventus specialty was defending?? First goal was clearly offside, second goal was a questionable penalty. It's not like juventus scored some great goals. Why couldn't they come out of the defensive shell after Tottenham scored? That's because Tottenham were better and should have won.

    Not clearly by any stretch of the imagination. And the penalty wasn’t queastionabke at all imo. Mentality plays a big part in it, once you go into your shell it’s very hard to come out, Juventus are the better team and threw this by going into that shell, it’s as simple as that however you try to frame it.

    Hahaha i just laugh at your bias. Tottenham had 67% possesion. And 12 shots compared to juventus 9. And u didnt answer the defending question. If juventus is known for defending, why was sitting back a problem?? Plus if you watch replay of the first goal, you will clearly see he is offside. Even the post game people said he was offiside. If juventus was a better team, they should have been able to come out of that shell. But they couldnt come out, because they werent as good as tottenhan. Plus tottenham just outplayed juventus’s HOME hahaha. Juventus have no excuses, they were only better for 10 mins, tottenham were better for 80 mins. Say what you want but a better team would have bounced back at 2-1. Juventus couldnt.

    This is when it gets good:p

    Not even reading past this point as you’re clearly a moron.

    Fuckin biased prick. I ll laugh when juventus get knocked out. They are a team on decline, in a league in decline.


    We dicked Arsenal so hard that now their fans are doing our dirty work for us.
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  2. Chris Flynn

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    Or Wizzards Sleeve
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  3. DiscoD1882

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    Don’t do drugs kids. :)
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  4. riggi

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  5. JerryGarcia

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    Amazing! If you had somehow time travelled back to the 90's and shown me that post I would have given up my collection of pogs and several transformers for it to come true.
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  6. goughie1966

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    It's incredible how many opposition fans, pundits and journalists now describe Juventus as a poor aging side. Before the game and after 10 minutes they were considered a class above us having been in the last 2 CL finals. No one has scored against them for months on end and this was going to be a real test, men against boys. Apparently we were going to be embarrassed after they went 2 goals up and had no chance of breaching their defence.

    We beat Real Madrid because they're apparently not good anymore, we beat Dortmund because they're not the side they were and now we've drawn from 2 down away to Juve and it's because they're a poor side now too.

    People just can't accept we're quite a useful team now.
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  7. jezz

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    I imagine Real are the greatest team ever now they have beaten PSG.
    We're just blips on the Super Elites March to greatness
  8. npearl4spurs

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    But they were terrible when we played them. #narrative
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  9. Basil Brush

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    Both teams have no defence.

    Juve apparently have a defence but i was unimpressed by it against us.

    We have a fragile defence but Toby and Danny Rose to come back in. (Yes i believe Rose improves us over Davies)
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  10. tttcowan

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    Duhhhh..... Maybe it's because you came 2nd in the group stages?? That's how this works. Idiot.o_O
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  11. thfc1973

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    Sorry, I have no idea who that is..And it wouldnt even make the slightest difference if i did.
  12. chinaman

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    When we know that we've got our Spurs back to enjoy, I won't let what others say affect my enjoyment.
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  13. diamond lights

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    I was thinking before this run of games it would be great to beat Utd and Arse at home and take draws at Pool and Juve. Hope rather than expectation.
    Now we've achieved it I think other fans are gradually realising we are a threat. You don't tend to hate and obsess on a team or person that is no threat to you.
    We are now a genuine challenger at the top and other fans are worried.
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  14. Drink!Drink!

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    I see that the poor Real team we beat put three goals past PSG last night...so how bad does that make PSG in the minds of the plastic fantastics
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  15. Kiedis

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    I just echoes what some Soton fan said when Poch joined us. Something along the lines of "You'll press good teams into submission and then often hear about how said team had an off day, played their worst game of the season and so on."
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  16. Jimmypearce7

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    This is a great post goughie 1996. You see this all the time with boxers, like Joe Calzaghe, who i worked with. They are told they havent fought anyone good, line up a fight against someone considered unbeatable, like Jeff Lacey in his case, destroy them and then have to read everyone saying the opponent was not all that!
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  17. Marty

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    It really is amazing how often this has happened over the last three years. Pundits and opponents' fans really don't understand that when we get in the groove we force teams to have off days. Juve had conceded one goal in 15 home games or something like that, they obviously are still pretty damn good!
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  18. tommo84

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    Indeed. Juve have dropped only 10 points all season in Serie A and are only a point behind a Napoli team that these same fans and pundits have been drooling over and hailed Man City for beating in the Autumn.

    The performances of EPL teams in this year’s Champs League should be evidence that the Premier League is re-establishing itself as the strongest in the world after a lull. It’s not because every team across Europe has got worse, it’s because some of the best coaches are now in England’s Top 6 and we’ve started to get our shit together. Us, City and Liverpool have all been impressive away in Europe this week, while much-fancied PSG lost to a Madrid team that got overwhelmed by Spurs and that all tells a story - English teams have nobody to fear in Europe right now but each other.
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  19. rossdapep

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    Well. After our game against Juve the WhatsApp group I have with my friends was silent. After Liverpool it was full of compliments. It consists if two United fans, a Liverpool and a Huddersfield fan. Are we getting under the skin of others who expected us to fall away or do ppl think a draw away at juventus is nothing to crow about?
  20. cider spurs

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    We've produced some wonderful displays of late, league and Champions league.

    I couldn't care less if all and sundry want to ignore this fact, instead looking for flimsy excuses to argue why we are doing well.

    Couldn't give a sh*t if some think said team/s were poor, past their best, had injuries or whatever else the latest excuse is to be rolled out.

    Not our problem, get your houses in order. Don't give me waste of time, bullshit to veil the fact that these teams were not ready to face up to Spurs.

    We've had to build to get to this stage, dealing with injuries, transfers, moving to Wembley, inferior spending money in comparison to some.

    So feck right off with the ridiculous excuses as to why we are doing well against some of these so called big clubs.

    If Juve squad deemed past it, too old. They've had opportunities to address this. Tough sh*t.

    Same as the rest, if they're deemed not good enough, tough sh*t, build a team that is...it's what we've had to do.
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