What our opponents' fans are saying about us 17/18

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Jul 6, 2012
Man Utd's deitician needs to tell Rojo and his missus about Acrylamide, which forms when toast is burnt and is highly carcinogenic.

Yeah, so there, na naaaa na naaaa naaaaaaaa...

Missus looks like she is drinking a kelp smoothie though, props for that.
Depends on the colour of his piss though.

cider spurs

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Jul 5, 2016
time to take our medicine! not much from Arsenal fans, think they realise it could all blow back all up in their face tonight


He answered another question then made a point of circling back and criticising their history :lol:

Hey Giorgio, come to Arsenal.
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I saw the interview, cracked me up that he went back & emphasized that fact "we know their history" :lol:.
Was pleasantly surprised at the level of his English . Clearly angling for a premier league move, one can only hope its here !

Next Spurs DVD:

Almost! made it to the QF

Real Madrid
Man City
Man United
QF stage could be great, can enjoy it properly now that Spurs are out

Biggest game of the season for Spuds and they bottled it. Hope that stops the media wankfest over them now.

But I thought Spuds had the best CM and ST in the world? Where were they today?
Weird that.

Is there a spurs fan tv? I need my fix.

Poch ready to move to PSG I reckon

As soon as Higuain equalised, spurs **** themselves.. So mentally weak.

Excellent. Another trophy Spurs aren't winning

Juve got lucky, though, didn't create much. ( A reasonable arsenal fan!)

Son is crying lol

spurs are competing with teams like Juve because of Poch but he can't take them any further good manager but nothing special.

FULL TIME!!!! So sad how we've come to piggy back on the losses of our hated foe to make our season seem the slightest bit relevant.
Having said that, we'll take our pleasures where we can. **** you Sp*rs, you & your hipsters choice of a manager.

Go back to Southampton Pochettino!


The salty bunch up north on the other hand, are having a party, too much to post but some nuggets..

Some Spurs fans questioning Pochettino’s ability to make good subs and change the game. Considering the criticism Klopp seems to get about this, it surely shows that its not as easy as fans make it out to be.

I find it hilarious the pundits yesterday saying that is the defence you want when you have a lead.
Short fucking memories as only two weeks ago they lost a 2 goal lead. I'd love any Italian side as we'd beat them.

How has Pochettino come away with an unused Wanyama when Spurs only needed to stop that Juve team scoring two in less than 30 minutes of football. That's inexperience for you.

I AGREE! cant believe people left the stadium on mass

(in response to above:)
He took over from Sherwood, who with a team captained by Kaboul, with a vice-captain in Lennon and a top scorer in Adebayor managed to finish 6th and 10 points behind 4th-place Arsenal, and in under four seasons with a net spend of just £5 million per season has got them competing with the elite in the Premier League and the Champions League. They're a fucking tough team to beat and they play good attacking football. He hasn't done bad, let's put it that way.

  • 11 Spurs Bottlers sitting on the wall
    If 1 Spurs Bottler should accidentally fall.........
    Oh who are we kidding, it wasn’t an accident, it was a dive.......lol

Oh.......... When.......... The.......... Spuds.......... Go........... Out.......... The........... Cup........

Haha fuck off you cheating shite hawks.

My favourite thing about this Spurs' season is Alli being found out for the absolute fraud that he is.Beautiful. Plus I don't have to listen to our fans crying over losing out on him anymore, extra bonus.

Hate all their diving antics but you know what fair fucks to them

When the draw for the groups came out barely anyone gave them a chance of progressing but they were impressive and although they're now out, they gave a good account of themselves against a very strong Juve side (which i feel way too many are talking down extremely dramatically). Still in disbelief I saw someone claim they wouldn't make top 4 in the Premier League

They're a strong side with some wonderfully gifted players in their squad. I do wonder what will happen to them if Pochettino does get tempted by a big foreign side or their big players start looking towards silverware or money

LOL. okay that's kinda funny

in response to someone saying we've done well in CL this season considering our draws:

Glad those diving twats are out
Meanwhile...back in Milan.

Exactly...table don't lie bitches.


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Aug 20, 2008
Man Utd's deitician needs to tell Rojo and his missus about Acrylamide, which forms when toast is burnt and is highly carcinogenic.

Yeah, so there, na naaaa na naaaa naaaaaaaa...

Missus looks like she is drinking a kelp smoothie though, props for that.
Yerba mate, mate.


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Aug 13, 2005
Meeting up with a couple of mates for beers and a curry tonight. They're Liverpool "fans". One is ok but the other is very delusional. I'll report back. I suspect there will be a few amusing comments.

Even though we finish above them regularly, because they are near to us for once, I suspect I will be challenged to put money on who finishes above the other. They'd never normally do it, but now they are in with a chance for the first time in ages I suspect it will be put on the table. Shame it wasnt next week Im meeting them because we could well be above them, this time next week.


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Jan 21, 2013
Got ***** coming out from everywhere today. Mans gunna go on a rampage.

Haven’t felt this gutted since the scum won the fucking CL and we finished 4th.

Literally every scouse at work calling us bottle jobs when we didn’t even come close to bottling it. To be fair most are saying it as a wind up. Hope they get raped by Barca in the next round and UTD on the weekend
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