What's happening this summer?


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Jul 29, 2006
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Posted this analysis in another thread but wanted to get some more feedback and hence the column.

It's obviously great to see the amount of funds that have been invested in the first team. However, having being a fan since 91, I can't help but try to evaluate what the potential down side of all this activity could be. They are,in my humble opinion, as follows

- settling in period: even the best need time to settle in the league. What helps them do so are players who have been through it, or have have grown up with it, and minutes in the pitch. We have sold pretty much all the players who have the experience and the mentality (if not the quality) to cope with the adjustment. Is this too much of an overhaul?

- the net spend : we are spending like Man City or Chelsea. We do not have the scale of operations to cope with that financially. (I.e. no champions league, no stadium capacity). We have bought soldado, capoue, paulinho and chadli for about 60 million. Sold Hudd, Parker, Dempsey and caulker for about 25 million. So a net spend of 35 million. The news is another potential 50 million for willian and lamela with Ade and bae on their way out. So a total net spend of about 80 to 90 million? This back of envelope calculation indicates that this total squad overhaul can only be financed by one thing - the sale of gareth bale. The bbc coverage lottery is helpful no doubt. But if bale is not sold, the money is either coming from
- joe lewis sniffing blood with arsenal weakness and man united potentially slipping up and therefore financing or
- us saying screw the conservative financial management and lets blow it all up.
All things considered I just hope we are not Leeds United part 2 - unlikely with Dan Levy at the helm but still.

- the recruitment policy : we are a chadli and capoue club - max a paulinho club - buy for 5 to 15 million and sell for 25 to 30 million. This astute financial management policy has led to brilliant world class training facilities, a good youth development structure and a steadily growing club in terms of performance. While I'm sure baldini is a brilliant recruiter, it is a little concerning that we are not identifying the michus or the modrics but splashing the cash - concerning simply because we are not used to it!

Just hope it all works out ok.

Also I still say we need a VdV for our final third play. Forget all the athletic run a million miles crap - we need a guy who can play 60-70 minutes and change the result of the big games (remember arsenal at the emirates - score 1 set up 2 in a 3-2 win). And all for 8 million - Dan levy sold him for 12. Brilliant management all around from Harry and Mr Levy.



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Aug 31, 2012
There is no way we are going to do a Leeds, unfortunately the most plausible scenario is that it is the bale money and maybe a bit on top added to the fact we have an extra 40 to 50m coming in on the tv money and have been balancing incomings and outgoings (and even making profit) for the last few seasons.

Also joe lewis is actually a quite aggressive businessman in other business sectors when he sees an opportunity taking significant gambles against the popular opinion, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but more often than not he gets it right. I think there is a very strong argument that they see this window as a unique chance for spurs to make a serious move on the usual big boys with fergie gone and man city and Chelsea both having new managers. A big spend now could actually look small if it gets regular champions league and higher sponsorship deals for the shirt and more importantly the stadium.

If as has been suggested by itk, joe lewis has given an interest free loan to the club then although he would want paying back if he was to write it off at some point in the future then the main holding company (Tavistock) would be able to offset it against profits from other ventures and reduce tax liabilities elsewhere so a bit of a no lose for them really.

Anyway let them worry about that and just enjoy this increasingly unbelievable transfer window :)


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Aug 30, 2010
IMO we're getting our business done
1) Before FFP kicks in properly
2) With the new Stadium coming to fruition
3) With Man Utd, City, Chelsea all with new Managers
4) With Arse still refusing to invest in players.

Once FFP takes hold deals like Bale to RM will be very much harder to do, so we're selling now and investing in 3 or 4 quality players instead. Makes sense to me.


Jun 29, 2003
Most of the new acquisitions were brought in early so the gelling period is already well under way. Another few weeks and we will really start to click up few gears. Late arrivals may take longer but not all players take a long time to settle in so hopefully we will get lucky. Better quality players tend to fit in quicker on the pitch at least. The club need to make sure everything is done to help them settle off the pitch.