Where is GDS?

Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by djvapour, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. djvapour

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    is he injured? he's not in the squad, just seen him on ss2 just before the players went out...

    apologies if this has already been answered!
  2. Jody

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    I think you may have seen eduardo shaking hands with luca and vedran. Dunno where GDS is though.
  3. djvapour

    djvapour Member

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    no no it was def him with the other spurs guys who went out before the players!
  4. snake1

    snake1 New Member

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    Yes, it was definitely him (GDS). Why he isn't part of the squad tonight is anyone's guess.
  5. Gambler

    Gambler Active Member

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    injured probably.
  6. sheringmann

    sheringmann Well-Known Member

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    Been thinking the same?

    Is he really that bad?

    Attitude problems?
  7. worcestersauce

    worcestersauce "I'm no optimist I'm just a prisoner of hope

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    I think it's just that the first 11 doesn't include him at this time might do him good in the long run though.
  8. Kendall

    Kendall Well-Known Member

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    Because he's been rubbish all year.

    I'm happy to keep him back and bring him in slowly, dare I say it, the 'Arsenal' way. Because he quite clearly isn't cut out for the prem yet.
  9. Phantom

    Phantom Well-Known Member

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    He has not had much time on the pitch in the prem to make up our minds if he is ready. I think he has looked pretty good when he has come on, causing teams a few problems.
  10. saltkjelen

    saltkjelen Member

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    I think ha hes been very good in those game I have seen him coming on as a sub
  11. Roberts84

    Roberts84 Active Member

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    when he's come on he's ran at people without any end product. It'll take time and he's only young, stick with him and soon we will see the best of him
  12. InOffMeLeftShin

    InOffMeLeftShin Night watchman Admin

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    He maybe didn't make the team because Harry preferred other players in these games. GDS clearly has a lot of ability, but there are also a lot of things he needs to work on. Harry and the coaching staff have to decide what his best position is, what they want from him on the field and as part of the team and then work hard with him to develop the parts of his game he needs to improve.

    If it was purely on talent and technique he may be in and around the team, but it isn't. Again he is one of the young players who I think will look completely different under Redknapp as his ability will have more of a function and therefore he will look effective rather than just flashy with little benefit to the team.
  13. robin09

    robin09 Well-Known Member

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    Dos Santos´situation is very similar to Taarabt last year.

    He´s shown he´s got ability, but nothing to suggest that he should be in and around the first team against the likes of Arsenal yet.

    Some people feel his performances deserve a start, but really he´s actually done very little so far.
  14. brasil_spur

    brasil_spur SC Supporter

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    well put robin09, he'll get his chance this season, perhaps he can replace Modric's new role in the team on occasions when Modric is injured/suspended or just in need of a games rest.
  15. Krafty

    Krafty Well-Known Member

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    I think he is missing out right now because Harry hasnt really had a chance to see him - he didnt play much for Barca, Mexico's games arent on tele like Croatia, say. I think Harry ahs gone with what he knows, which is the right mvoe right now.

    We have plenty of games coming up, I would expect him to play against Liverpool in the cup
  16. tRiKS

    tRiKS Ledley's No.1 fan

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    Commoli, levy or Ramos. who's signs who? Well in the case of GDS it's very clear he's a Ramos choice. Ramos has been sacked. Ramos towards the end it seemed faced a bit of a team revolut and I bet GDS wasn't one of the revolters.
    It's not hard to imagine therefore how the lad feels right now, with his own confidence and how he feels about some of his fellow pro's at the club. If he hasn't already made his feelign clear verbally to the staff i'm sure Harry would have picked up something in body language.
    I'll not be suprised if we don't see him again for spurs and if he leaves in January.

    He'll be a star one day somewhere
  17. DEFchenkOE

    DEFchenkOE Well-Known Member

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    I agree with this. I think Gio is still developing and learning and he probably didn't want to involve him in a highly charged intense game like this. I think we need to ease him in. End of the day though, he'll probably get frustrated and leave. He wasn't happy being on the bench at Barca so I doubt he'll be happy not making the squad. Let's hope he gets his head down and works hard while showing some patience. In the long run it will be better for him if he wants to succeed in English football.
  18. lol

    lol Well-Known Member

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    GDS is a wonderkid. if we develop him right he will become a world class player. but the thing is if we have levy as our boss...most prolly he'll be gone for 30 million
  19. AnotherSpursFan

    AnotherSpursFan Active Member

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    GDS is an international footballer for Mexico who passes to teammates in scoring positions, plays neat one two and doesn't huff and puff after just 5 minutes on the pitch
    Totally unjust, i'll say he's at least 10 x better than Taarabth at present.
  20. donny1013

    donny1013 Well-Known Member

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    I feel that as the team gets more confident and fingers crossed rises up the table then Gio will be used a lot more. But atm when we are battling for results he is more of a luxury player, surprised he wasn't on the bench last night though instead of Campbell.

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