Where should we play our home games next season ?

Discussion in 'The New Stadium' started by dannythomas, Apr 22, 2017.

Where should we play our home matches next season ?

  1. Wembley

    75 vote(s)
  2. Milton Keynes

    28 vote(s)
  3. Stay at WHL another year while we look for a better option than Wembley

    24 vote(s)
  4. Another London team's stadium

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  1. BaFa94

    BaFa94 Active Member

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    If we run from Wembley now, what does that say to the players when we have to go there for semis and finals?
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  2. bobby_stills

    bobby_stills Member

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    It is vital the Park Lane fans are grouped together at Wembley. The CL atmosphere was ok but where I was today in block 119 was jumping.

    We out-sung the chavs both in and outside the stadium. They really are a s*** club with s*** fans.
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  3. Darth Vega

    Darth Vega Active Member

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    I hate Wembley - awful to get out of, horrible atmosphere, fans too far away from the pitch - but for the love of God, we can't keep blaming a stadium for our defeats. We played brilliantly today.
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  4. Kilkenny Cat

    Kilkenny Cat Active Member

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  5. Romulus

    Romulus Well-Known Member

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    dreading it next year but the act of blaming Wembley is very spursy in itself
  6. Marcus_spur

    Marcus_spur Well-Known Member

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    The wembley-jinx or whatever is bull, and we just have to get over it. That being said, I hope we get to have our groundsmen do the pitch. The turf is shit, which was extremely clear today. For the first 30 minutes almost every pass went short or was intercepted due to the slow pitch. Which is fine if you try to play negative football (national squad, Im looking at you), but crap if you want to pass the ball.
  7. jari17

    jari17 Active Member

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    If we play our games at Wembley we'll finish midtable. Look at our record there.
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  8. homer hotspur

    homer hotspur Active Member

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    Wembley is a neutral stadium and it will not change this status just because we have more fans in there. We played very well today and arguably deserved to win but that was a cup semi final on a neutral ground. I think the fact that we have been so brilliant at WHL this season is making the move to Wembley seem even more of a disaster waiting to happen then any of us realised. I've said before it will be the effect on the away team's mentality which will be the problem and there is little we can do about that, especially the lesser teams who dread a trip to WHL but will see the trip to Wembley as something a bit different, lets go there and have a go type of attitude.
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  9. St José Dominguez

    St José Dominguez Well-Known Member

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    Despite annoyance at losing today I'm weirdly less worried about playing there next season.
    We just outplayed and dominated a team who will most likely win the league. If we play like we did today we'll comfortably beat 3/4 of the PL teams.
    Against the top 6 teams we'll need to cut out the silly defensive errors as the pressure will be higher. Actually think we'll be more than ok there next season.

    Be nice if fixtures are kind and can get a few wins under belt before play a top 6 team though. Hate the word Spursy but would be quite spursy to win the league not even playing in Tottenham.
  10. millsey

    millsey Official SC Numpty

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    We lost 4-2! We did not play brilliantly! Can u imagine Chelsea fans losing 4-2 and saying wow we played so well today. We made mistake after mistake. The fans need a winning mentality as well as the players
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  11. Darth Vega

    Darth Vega Active Member

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    You can play well and still lose.
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  12. LexingtonSpurs

    LexingtonSpurs Well-Known Member

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    We did not play well for the conditions today. We were unlucky a bit - but we will need to change tactics a bit when we move from WHL. We have left ourselves vulnerable to the long-ball counter-attack on the larger pitch.

    The new stadium will have pitch dimensions similar, if not exact, to Wembley. So, we need to play there next season. Figure out the right tactics. And win.
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  13. RichieS

    RichieS Well-Known Member

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    Yep - we'd monster most PL sides playing like we did for the first 70-odd minutes today.
    I was up in block 513 (right above the screen) and literally didn't hear their fans until it was 4-2. Pathetic.
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  14. rsmith

    rsmith The hand of Ghod

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    Depends on whether we can bring our groundsmen with us, after all they've got bugger all else to do if we don't. I thought during the CL matches, and Danny Murphy said the same in commentary, that the Wembley turf is much slower and softer than WHL. Watch the match and count how many passes were under hit.
  15. Flashspur

    Flashspur Well-Known Member

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    Re the OP - its too late Dude...as if we had a choice anyway
  16. dannythomas

    dannythomas Well-Known Member

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    Is that true though ? I thought Levy had asked for an extension in time to the end of the month before committing.....
  17. jonnyrotten

    jonnyrotten SC Supporter

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  18. TheSpillage

    TheSpillage Active Member

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    Yeah, typical Tottenham eh!? Only going and bloody winning the league

    Not sure you've quite understood the term. Winning the league (no matter where) is surely about the least Spursy thing that could possibly happen!
  19. ohtottenham!

    ohtottenham! Well-Known Member

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    I remember the days before they were financed up the ying yang, and were an actual football club, Chelsea fans would critically appreciate how they played whatever the result. It's what football fans do! They could afford to have Hazard, Costa and Fabregas as subs yesterday.

    They had the option of starting Willian and Bats. Get some f...ing perspective! We're clawing our way back, and we're doing it the right way. Sure we made mistakes, but we're getting closer these days with far more limited resources. Get behind your team!

    Also, think we should go with Wembley next season. Get used to playing there for home games, get that silly monkey off our backs, and get acclimatized for the big games we have to play there. It may be an advantage for the team going forward.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2017
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  20. TH1239

    TH1239 Well-Known Member

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    Here's our record this season against quality opposition away from White Hart Lane in road or neutral venue fixtures:


    West Brom-Draw

    Liverpool (Carling Cup)-Loss




    Manchester United-Loss

    Manchester City-Draw




    Chelsea (FA Cup)-Loss

    This is much more than a Wembley issue (though I could've added two more losses to Leverkusen and Monaco at Wembley to the above list). We simply struggle against good teams outside of White Hart Lane. Whether that's a tactical issue, a squad depth issue, or something else, it's been a major hinderance keeping this team from achieving trophies the last two seasons when they've been one of the best first XI's in all of Europe.
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