White Hart Lane - post Stratford...

Discussion in 'The New Stadium' started by Teofilo-Stevenson, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. roosh

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    I would love to see something on the site of WHL that retains our connection to the area. A HQ would probably be one of the best ideas, but most of the land would have to be used to fund any potential move to stratford.
  2. SpunkyBackpack

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    Lets just build a massive spotlight that shines into Karen Brady's window while she tries to sleep, it would be childish and petty so she'd also be gutted that she didn't think of it first.
  3. spursontheloose

    spursontheloose Check your women for poofish!

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    Brilliant.... Love it! :-D
  4. bigturnip

    bigturnip Tottenham till I die, Stratford over my dead body

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    Sorry, I've read some tripe surrounding the Stratford debate, but that is the most stupid thing yet, 20 acres of land in Tottenham for £250m. :rofl:
  5. Gilzeanking

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    Sorry to butt in...but I need help here . The esteemed 57 is posting here after a post that said Tottenham is a dump .(bottom of page one)

    Now its my impression that the esteemed 57 is agreeing with the above poster in this instance ...ie the 'I'm with' part is the important bit .

    HOWEVER , in a previous post where our esteemed 57 friend was definitely disagreeing , he used this same emoticon clearly intending to say the above poster was stupid .

    I'm now hopelessly confused and the clear ruling from the esteemed Starting Price made at the time of this previous post has now unravelled completely .

    SP .... anyone ..does the 'I'm with stupid' mean the above poster is stupid or that you are with him in his comment and agree ? :doh::shrug:
  6. ethanedwards

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    Obviously you haven't been reading your own posts:rofl:
  7. AngerManagement

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    Well I hear PARK LANE is one of the most valuable and desirable parts of London :grin:
  8. Teofilo-Stevenson

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    So its only "tottenham_til_i_die" that thinks the idea of retaining part of WHL as a club HQ makes some sense then?

    A cock-shaped headquarters perhaps? Then everyone's happy?
  9. Welshiespursboyo

    Welshiespursboyo Banned

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    I choked on my liquorice candy then :rofl:
  10. striebs

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    Obviously we would have been held to ransome to buy it but the value of the land is going to plummet if Tottenham leave .

    The difference between NPD and OS is clearly AEG .
  11. DiscoD1882

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    They could always sack Crystal palace off and build the running track there?

    I wonder if the IOC and the government would say that the rail and underground links are not good enough?? That would be ironic.

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