Why Unique Defoe holds the key

Mar 15, 2012
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I know he started and was awful v QPR , but so was everyone else for me - bar Walker and Parker....

I reckon it's clear when fit Adebayour and Defoe are our best front 2 - easy
I would drop Modric even if he stays - his attitude and input into games lately has stunk

Defoe needs to play with somone like Ade (if he stays) to get best from him
VDV is best dropping off and being clever causing problems sometimes joining up in the box as well - but will be best behind 2 front men making runs
and Bale n Lennon giving width

Caulker to come back with Kaboul (hopefully Dawson to come back) Ledely Coaching role?
Nelson Gallas Time to go I think?

Naughton to come back to cover and put pressure on BAE - Livermore likewise to do the same for Parker

Modric to rotate with VDV - Saha for Ade -
which for me leaves only Defoe as our most unique and ironically undroppable player in the squad - oh yeah he is our top scorer despite being used so sparingly and in a ridiculously stop start way ......when he builds up momentum and confidence he scare defenders/ goalies bottom line we need more goals
and i'm convinced he can be our 20 plus a season man if he's shown more faith

He is the best finisher at the club only he and Saha (on his day ) come anywhere near him obviously VDV is world class but is better playing behind them and joining up late as v Swansea
Ade edges Saha in workrate (when he can be bothered) and so gets the nod if we
can afford him
and so our best team without spending anything (apart on Ade's contract )- on current form for next season

Defoe Ade


Bale (stay left) Parker Lennon

BAE Kaboul Caulker Walker

Tell me why this would not make more chances and score more goals


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Sep 15, 2007
442 - have you not bothered to read any other posts (eg BC's Tactical Autopsy thread) to understand the pros and cons of 442 ?


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Aug 26, 2008
If Jermain Defoe really is a Yiddo as the song states.........then we are fooked!

And does that team even have a midfield?


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Jan 28, 2011
That team looks brilliant! I can't see that defense getting torn a new one every week at all! And Defoe up front? Unstoppable!



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Apr 2, 2005
I was out when I read your first line stating that Parker played well on Saturday...his passing is horrendous!! Has been for weeks.


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Mar 29, 2007
Tell me why this would not make more chances and score more goals
I'll tell you why. Defoe contributes absolutely nothing when he's not shooting. He doesn't get involved in build up play, his off the ball movement is ridiculously dumb for a striker (seriously, pay attention to his runs and watch how often he'll move out of space and directly next to a defender) and he does nothing to close down or win the ball back from defenders.

He regularly has around 15 touches of the ball a game. He can't hold up the ball or make a pass. It is effectively like playing with 10 men when Defoe is starting. If you're starting a player who rarely touches the ball, and regularly loses the ball when he has it, then you're giving the opposition more possession by default, as well as forcing your midfield to work harder to win the ball back.

Which moves us on to the next point. Most teams nowadays will go with three central midfielders. You expect Scott Parker to stand tall against three men on his own while Bale and Lennon stay wide? Like, seriously? As hard a grafter as he is, Parker is not invincible. We've already seen his performances dip recently due to the fatigue of covering for his team mates laziness off the ball. How's he supposed to cope if you substitute Modric for Defoe? He'd be unconscious by half time of game 1 next season.

You've basically created a line up that has no chance of keeping hold of possession and no chance of winning it back either, just to shoe horn Jermain Defoe into the team. Are you actually Harry Redknapp?


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May 18, 2004
poor guy getting a bit of a battering like spurs of late,but a have to agree with all the posts
would never work for the season maybe a game or so but that is it.


Jun 5, 2004
This is very much a FIFA formation.

And unfortunately, Spurs have not just won the league with a slimline "Stoof" scoring 50 goals.


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Aug 31, 2006
One way or another you have to have 5 in midfield these days. Almost everyone seems to suggest 4-5-1, but why not 3-5-2 (or 3-5-1-1) with Bale and Walker as wing backs? Admittedly I've not given this a great deal of thought, but it could be worth a go, couldn't it?