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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Stoof, Sep 22, 2008.

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    There are some things that Mums just have the knack of saying that just wind you up. As I stormed back home yesterday evening to spend some hard-earned Ryder Cup time, a voice came from the front room: "how was it?".

    "Rubbish", I said.

    "Oh well, at least you didn't lose."

    Now, I didn't go into one as you would have expected. She is my Mum after all and more annoyingly she is right in a warped, female kinda way. But there are so many ways in which she is wrong.


    For starters I'm glad we got at least a point, a loss would have been unbearable, and had it not been for my mate Luke supporting Pompey, I dare say my Sunday 5-a-side kick-around would have been a lot more banterly directed at me. We had two great 15 minute spells, and as others have noted those spells coincided with each other. By "we" I mean the team and the fans.

    Whatever and whoever was behind the 10 minute "We Are Tottenham" it was nothing short of breathtakingly rousing. Myself and Mr Talkshowhost stood up in unison. Arms outstretched, encouraging block 44* to stand with us and demand that our team showed their colours as we were peacocking ours.

    It felt good, and the roar that greeted Aaron Lennon as he tore down the right hand side, with virtually his first touch, made everyone stand up for the first time since kick off. It was the first time that any of our players had got in behind, and it had taken the little lion just seconds to fire up those rocket-propelled-gay-penguin-like legs.

    In a flash we should have had a penalty, outdone by pace and trickery of the foot, Lennon landed on terra firma only for the less than competent ref (who was it, by the way?) to "dead-ball" his arms. The White Hart Lane faithful screamed in agony as another decision failed to fall our way.

    Speaking of things falling our way: the second ball. Now, it can't surely be that we are that slow that we can't make at least one knock down from a goal kick or high ball? It just seemed like every time the ball had been knocked down by either attacker or defender, it fell to a Wigan player. Is this bad luck? Is this something in our control? I honestly can't tell you, but more often than not the ball fell to highlighter-pen-shirt rather than a Daz whiter-than-white one.

    Jonathan Woodgate, to keep our focus at least mildly positive, cut an immense figure as the heartbeat of our defence. He won everything in the air, and having been given the job of baby-sitting an on-form (!?) England International in Emile Heskey, I thought he was immense and I thought Corluka was steady enough too - which again causes me to question why the hell he didn't play there against Villa if the club are still refusing to write-off Ledley as so many fans and media outlets have and are trying to do.

    Didier Zokora put in a better performance as a full-back than Benoit Assou-Ekotto. OK maybe that isn't so hard to fathom as I first thought it was when I typed it! 'Benny' gave the ball away after 25 minutes (or so) after trying to dribble out of his own half with zero support left covering him. Before this point in time, he looked assured, on top of his game and willing to support Bale but not neglect his defensive duties. What followed this point in time, was madness. Hoofing long when the simple pass was on; passing short, when you just needed him to put his foot through the ball and deserting his post when he was needed the most. And I think if he keeps putting in these rollercoaster performances that just stink of unreliability, he doesn't have long left in our number 32 shirt.


    I've decided that a few no-go areas for this write-up are: Bentley (both general play and set piece taking), Pavlyuchenko (he just needs time and a goal) and Darren Bent. There is far too much written about these things, so I've gone elsewhere in search of words, so I suppose inevitably I have to return to the other 70 minutes or so, when the fans - me included - were "dis-enchanted" to say the very least. I honestly don't know how to summarise it really, maybe I should just stick with my opening remark to my mother.

    The very essence of Sunday's performance triggers a vey specific response within the Tottenham gene pool. The emotion that is created is one of absolute rage against absolute befuddlement with a drop of utter despair. The post match cathartic pint (of lemonade - £3!!) was spent surveying the pub, looking at blokes standing near each other in a group, staring anywhere but into the eyes of another Spurs fan, trying to deal with this bizarre apothecary of hormones. Very surreal.

    Summing up and listening to various outposts both in-game and in-pub, it's just not a great time to be a Spurs fan. At least we're not in the papers every day in the same way we were with the Ramos affair. We've got Newcastle's ridiculous situation and Manchester City Dreem [sic] Teams popping up all over the place, thank the Lord Giant Floaty Teapot.

    These are testing times, but I do know - I do know - it's going to get better. And it's a horrible thing to tell another anguished fan that he needs to give it time, that he needs to let them gel but that's exactly what I'll be doing, often through gritted teeth, trying to convince myself (as I type these reports or say the words in the pub) that I speak the truth.

    So in a rather melancholic end to a bubbly start, I bid thee farewell until Pompey away.

    NEXT WEEK IN STOOF'S SHOUT: Pavlyuchenkgoal? And some shouting.

    *which we had entered through block 43 (yeah, durr, obviously you need to go through 43 to get to 44. Silly me, Mr Steward, how dare I go up the gangway that says block 44). :wink:
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Stoof, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. BringBack_leGin
    After game 10, Arsenal, we shall be sitting somewhere between 11th and 14th, with a points tally of either 15, 14, 13 12 or 11, with a decreased gap between us and the top 6, and momentum and confidence going into the next ten games. Mark my words!

    And if we are still 17th or below, I will record for youtube my eating my hat, as promised in another thread.
  2. JoeT
    Good stuff 'Stoof'. I loved the " We are Tottenham" part. Unfortunately I was only able to watch it on T.V. (many miles away), but even there it made the hairs on my arms stand up!
    p.s. Welcome back 'BBLG' (have you been away somewhere, or just lying low?) Your enthusiasm is infectious...I hope we won't have to see you eating your hat!
  3. grittyspur1
    Nice shout, Stoof- I enjoyed reading that, and i'm pleased that you did not berate Bentley for his sub-par preformance on Sunday- just look what it's done for Lennon's game!
  4. Locotoro
    just seen the tags at the foot of the page.

  5. Yiddo1982
    You look like a young Colin Montgomerie in your picture. . . . . Watch out for Gary Lineker stalking your wife.
  6. Coyboy
    Empathise with the ridiculous South Upper situation.
  7. BringBack_leGin
    the south upper were genius the other day. shame the team didn't respond because they fans deserve so much more
  8. JonnySpurs
    Thanks Stoof, ur "shout" has nicely replaced Ally's "gold" from years gone by as my first port of call after another disappointing Spurs performance. It's good to know that even though we're all as angry as every other fan, here there is still a sense of optimism and hope in the face real despair and concern!

    I'm also loving BBLG's comments, good stuff dude!
  9. Coyboy
    Defo, I meant the stupid situation where block 44 is actually through Block 45. But yea was awesome. Where were you, eating a prawn sandwich in the West Upper!
  10. JimmyG2
    Where was the support in the first half.I thought the radio commentators had their mics turned off (sometimes I wish they had) until I heard the second half.The most notable feature was the boos at half time.That will help wont it.
    Now I am never over critical of White Hart Laners as I can very rarely get there myself.But the players dont read fansites,not if they've got any sense, and the only real contact they have with their supporters is at the match.So give them a boost,even if they dont deserve it,on my behalf. I'm not saying we would have won if we given them a storming reception but it just might have made the difference.
  11. Sauniere
    I think that about sums up how I feel most of the time. Disappointed and frustrated but still hopeful.

    I think some fans take it for granted that we should beat teams like Wigan. Let's be honest and ask when have Spurs ever been able to take for granted winning ANY game? I bet we'd have to go back to the 60s if we're being really honest. Even during those two fifth place seasons we had some shocking results at certain points and how many of us expected to beat West Ham and take 4th place - purely because it could be treated like a cup final with a lovely prize at the end. It's just not to be, Spurs are unpredictable and always have been during my lifetime. In fact it could be said we're actually predictable in our unpredictability.

    Taking 1 point out of a possible 12 is dire. Losing 2-1 to Sunderland at home is dire, losing to Villa 2-1 at home is dire, losing 2-1 to Middlesbrough anywhere is dire therefore obtaining a hard fought point from Wigan, doubling our points total and keeping a clean sheet in the process has to be viewed as a positive considering the previous league games (Chelsea aside).

    That's two games unbeaten, come on! :grin:
  12. BringBack_leGin
    i'll have you know that I was enjoying my smuggled in packet of peanut MnM's.

    The west stand is embarrassibly quiet, but it's worth it to sit where i sit. While the entire stadium (east stand pillars aside) has good viewing, i'm on an aisle and right above the halfway line, albeit a tad high up. Wouldn't trade it.

    And if you're ever in the west upper, and you hear a sea of silence being broken by one ranting raving loon decrying everything against us at the top of his voice and jumping miles into the air for every positive happening, usually prematurely, you'll know where I am.
  13. Paxtonite
    Good article.
  14. guate
    Quote: and it had taken the little lion just seconds to fire up those rocket-propelled-gay-penguin-like legs.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Love it
  15. 2bearis2do
    Great post Stoof.
    As ever we have little option but to be patient with yet another new Spurs team.
  16. PT
    ......In Ramos we trust. Otherwise it'll have to be someone else.....

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