World Class Spurs players since 1986

Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by Spurger King, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. cookiemonster

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    It was Fenn and Rory Allen

    I think will be playing until today and still wouldn't score
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  2. southlondonyiddo

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    Agree with a lot of the above but:

    Klinsmann over rated and Sheringham under rated!?!?

    The season before Klinsmann joined us I thought Teddy was amazing. When Jurgen joined us at the age of 30 he was at another level. Teddy was very good, Jurgen was world class

    Bale should definitely count, was world class with us even before his move to Madrid. Will never forget Inter 4 Bale 3
  3. spids

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    Jurgen Kilnsmann, Gary Lineker. Both did it at World Cups (plural) and at every club they played for. It would be controversial to add Gazza to that list despite being one of the top 3 players at Italia '90 (pre-injury) along with Ruud Gullit and Lothar Mattheus, and without doubt one of the best English players ever. For me Hoddle was betteer than Gascoigne but never really shone on the international stage. I think he was born an era too soon. Modric, Ginola, Berbatov all fall short of World Class with us as they did not do it internationally on the biggest stage, or for us in the CL. Bale was right up there for 18 months, but has not set Madrid alight which in turn questions his world class credentials (although his 31 goal season was a world class performance in my eyes). I have no doubts that Ledley King was World Class but he never got the chance to prove it on the biggest stage due to injuries and loyalty to us.
  4. Pauleta01

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    THFCSPURS19 Well-Known Member

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    Toby Alderweireld.
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  6. RicOfPeace

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    Genuine World Class I'd have to say Gareth Bale, Paul Gascoigne, Gary Lineker, Luka Modric, Ledley King, Glenn Hoddle, Jurgen Klinsmann, David Ginola & tbh so close to being world class (if he was English the country would have banged on about him Rooney style) Robbie Keane.

    although quite stunned to see Hugo Lloris make it into the world class category of some (my opinion is by spurs fans he is massively overrated)
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  7. yusrisafri

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    Agree with almost all that you wrote except for this part. IMO Hoddle was the best I've seen in a spurs shirt if you talk about poetry in motion
  8. nicdic

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    I hate to be the guy, but listing Davids and VDV is silly. They may have been world class at some point in their career, but definitely not while they were with us. Also players like Ginola honestly don't get anywhere near despite how good they could be for us.

    Glad to see we've recognised that Fergie's definition is at least in part to spite other players. Going on the definition many others have been using of being able to get into any team in the world I'd say the following...

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  9. alexis

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    Even though klinsmann rated teddy as the best he'd played with
  10. Gbspurs

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    Not sure about Hugo being overrated. I suspect if you put together a video of game winning saves he made the points tally he has earned us would be quite high.
  11. nailsy

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    Ginola was player of the year while he was playing for us. The best player in the whole league.....In the year United won the treble. Its very difficult to say he wasn't world class that season.
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  12. stormfly

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    Berbatov would have been world class if he could have been bothered. The game looked easy for him when he was playing for us. I was gutted when he went to Man Utd but he never really reached the heights I expected in the end. I guess the moral is: if you are a class player, stay with spurs ;)
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  13. FootballWhispers

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  14. cider spurs

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    They're all World class, every single one of them who donned the Spurs shirt.

    Can't be any other way, Spurs is my team and I think they're the best team in the World. Stands to right that our players past and present are the classiest in the World.
  15. ILS

    ILS Well-Known Member

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    Good article however just to point out he scored 4 goals at the 90 World Cup.
  16. fatpiranha

    fatpiranha dismember

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    'World class' is a very subjective term.

    Most on here would rate Hoddle as world class and there is no doubt that he was an outrageously talented player but if at any time I was making a list of the 3 best World XIs would Hoddle have been in them? For me no but for many yes. The fact that he wasn't even a shoe in for the England team counts against him. He was a talented individual but not a great team player.

    By contrast I think that Klinsmann and Modric are world class because they would definitely have been chosen in the 3 best teams.

    I would add Lineker, (a fit) Ledley, Bale, Kane and possibly Gazza to that list.

    As I say it is hugely subjective but by my reckoning of who would be chosen in the 3 best current World XIs the only current Premiership players I would count as world class are Kane, Kante, KDB and De Gea with Hazard, Toby and Sanchez as possibles.
  17. guiltyparty

    guiltyparty Well-Known Member

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    Fergie's definition is super harsh, although I hate the term.

    But if you're going to engage with it, surely by definition it means those who could have played for a team who could realistically win top honours at the point in their career they were at Spurs, either on the European (as European Cup/Champions League is seen as the premier club tournament) or world stage, usually meaning they leave for a top-honours-challenging/winning side relatively swiftly?

    So Lineker (Barca), Klinsmann (Bayern), Sheringham, Carrick (both won Champions League with Utd), Modric (Real), Bale (Real).

    Campbell probably cuts it, played and scored in a European Cup final. Hoddle and Gazza were in talent, but didn't go to top, top teams. Hoddle got to a European Cup quarter final, but if that counts, that's a LOT of Spurs players ;)

    VDV and Davids weren't world class when they came to us.
  18. steve

    steve Well-Known Member

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    Waddle in his last season at Spurs was world class and not in a great side either. That season I'd put him over most on the list including mod and vdv
  19. mano-obe

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    Lineker, Gazza and Klinsmann

    At a time they would have not looked out of place in a world eleven

    A notch down on the cusp the likes of Modric, Toby, VDV, Ginola, Sheringham and Kane
  20. spids

    spids Active Member

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    Lineker and Gazza both definitely World Class.

    Ledley would have been had he not had his injuries - he never got to perform properly on a European or international stage.

    Most 'pundits' would say the likes of Modric and Bale became World Class after joint Real Madrid. I personally think Bale was probably better in his last season with us than he is now.

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