Zlatan to Citeh

Discussion in 'General Football' started by KentuckyYid, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. KentuckyYid

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    Citeh have reportedly offered a 96m contract worth 500,000 pw over four years to Zlatan and that's not even including the transfer fee Eek

    Not sure if I should laugh or cry


    MANCHESTER City have offered Zlatan Ibrahimovic a four-year deal worth a staggering £96MILLION - or roughly £500,000 a week.

    The mega-deal would make the Barcelona striker the highest-paid footballer in the world, earning £24m a year.
    That dwarfs the salaries of top stars such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka.
    City representatives made their mouth-watering offer direct to Ibrahimovic's manager Mino Raiola to show how much they want to capture the Swedish international.
    The huge deal dwarfs the 11m euros a year the striker picks up at the Nou Camp.
    Ibrahimovic is unsettled at Barca despite joining only last summer in a 50m euro deal that also took Samuel Eto'o from Barcelona to the San Siro.
    The enigmatic forward fell out with Barca coach Pep Guardiola in February and the pair barely speak now.
    Ibrahimovic is upset he has not been a regular starter and he has clashed with his coach over Barca's style of play.
    So the chance to be involved in building a new club to rival Europe's best is an attractive proposition, especially with such a salary on offer.
    The striker is familiar with City boss Roberto Mancini after the pair's time together at Inter Milan.
    A source close to Ibrahimovic said: "City have shown how much they want Zlatan and although he is well paid at Barcelona this offer is in a different league.
    "It has given him plenty to think about especially when he is not so happy with his football at Barca.
    "The idea of being part of a move to create a new super club to challenge the very best in Europe is also attractive.
    "City have to agree a deal with Barcelona before this can go any further - but there's a feeling that could all happen fairly quickly now."
    Unsettled Brazilian star Robinho could move to Barcelona as a makeweight in the deal.
    Ibrahimovic's arrival would raise more questions about the futures of strikers Carlos Tevez, Emmanuel Adebayor, Roque Santa Cruz and Craig Bellamy as City continue their spree.

  2. voodoo

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    This is ridiculous. Someone should stop them from spending money like it's monopoly money.
  3. Wsussexspur

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    Surely this cannot be true! I know city are spending stupidly on wages & transfer fees but surely not even they will pay someone £500,000 perweek. If this is true I think someone will need to stand in and do something as city are setting a very dangerous president for football where the rest of the game seems to be in general cutting back in spending on transfer fees and wages.
  4. mattyspurs

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    I don't think for a minute that this is true, but if it is, then so what. Let them do it. It will unsettle all of there players who will want parity, plus, in a couple of years time with the new FIFA regulations, how are they going to cope when they have to balance the books.

    I actually find it all quite amusing.
  5. mil1lion

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    It wont be true. But they probably will offer him silly money.

    I'm not convinced Ibra would be that consistent in the Premier League. I can't see him turning up on those cold/wet away days.
  6. talkshowhost86

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    I really think City are setting themselves up for a massive fall at some stage. They seem totally oblivious to the impending regulation changes and I don't really see how they're going to meet them if they have people on silly wages.

    It may end up with a tremendously funny scenario of them qualifying for the Champions League but being unable to actually play in it.
  7. 14/04/91

    14/04/91 Well-Known Member

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    Whether this ridiculous figure is true remains to be seen but even if it's, say, £200k a week this should not be allowed.
    What if the backers walk away? They leave behind bundles of players on massive 3,4,5 year contracts.
    The Premier League made noises about the Pompey situation and this is just a bigger version.
    Salary Cap? Percentage of wages against turnover? Something needs to happen and if Ibrahimovic joins this will prove it.
    ps, he's not even that good!!!
  8. Mornstar

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    good for city, at least their owners are living up to the promise they made when they bought the club.....unlike their american counterparts, who came on board, sucked their clubs dry (manure, liverpool, villa) and are rarely seen.
  9. bouncebackability

    bouncebackability SC Supporter

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    Ridiculous amonuts of money, but I think he'd be a great signing for them, especially with Silva & Johnson whipping in crosses for him.
  10. Gassin's finest

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    That can't even be considered in football terms. That kind of money is just grotesquely obscene, and makes a mockery of the whole game. It cannot happen.
  11. danielneeds

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    Nah let them do it...if it goes through, it guarantees that their whole "sporting project" will go down like the Hindenburg.
  12. spurs mental

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    That is a disgusting amount of money.
  13. brendanb50

    brendanb50 Well-Known Member

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    Spot on that man.

    Personally I don't think Ibrahimovic is worth a fraction of those wages anyway. Would love it to be true.
  14. MrWoolley

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    :lol: No way those figures are true.... surely?
  15. Teemu

    Teemu I Belong To Bale

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    Controversial but...is Ibrahimovic actually any better than Adebayor? May as well just stick with what they've got :shrug:
  16. michaelden

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    1/2 a million a week! Ibra's not that good that's for sure.
  17. mil1lion

    mil1lion Bad Banter

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    I actually think Adebayor is a better fit for them than Ibra.

    I'm not sure why they want a number 9. They're set up well to play a lone striker. Tevez is always going to drop deep to pick up the ball, so I don't really know why they'd want a striker who drops off.

    What they really need is an Eto'o/Drogba/Villa type who can play alone up top. Or just keep Adebayor, considering they splashed out on him only 1 year ago. I don't think Ibra and Tevez is a good pairing.

    It could work with wide strikers, but with players like Silva and Johnson i'm not sure how it'll work. I guess that's why they want Ballotelli aswell.

    On the plus side, that would mean Dzeko is off the menu for them.
  18. taidgh

    taidgh Well-Known Member

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    i thought there was a grandfather clause that says if they're signed before the regulations, they don't figue into the overall reckoning later. is that true? :shrug:

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