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May 22, 2005
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WH have been playing consistently for 2 months? Better bring in Zola right now then.

I remember some wanting Paul Jewell when we went thorugh a short bad period under Jol, I remember Peter Taylor and John Gregory being touted as future England managers after a short period of success. Lets see how well Zola does once the results go badly, lets see how he does when one of his players starts performing so well they build their team around him only for atop club to come knocking, lets see how he responds to WH fans demanding he gets them into the top four and they lose patience when it doesn't happen overnight.

Zola has made a positive start to his managerial career, nothing more.
Sadly I don't think West Ham's form is a fluke. The football they're playing at the moment is eye catching and effective. The seem to open up teams at will, and are also defensively sound. I don't remember Curbishley once getting the team to play as well as Zola seems to on a weekly basis.

The results were going badly, and look how he's turned it around.

I would love Zola here, but not once did I say sack Harry and bring him in. All I showed was a comparison between two managers who've had similar time at their respective clubs. I drew conclusions from how the two teams seemed to be performing.

Let's see how they do at the lane.


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Jan 20, 2006
Exactly right mate. SS57 keeps going on about the points accrued as some kind of barometer to prove that Zola and Harry have done similar things at their respective clubs. Admittedly getting points is very important but it doesn't tell the whole story. West Ham are playing well consistently, we IMO are not.
Harry and zola have had a similar amount of time at each club and IMO Zola has got a lot more out of poorer players
I don't keep going on about it—unless, of course, you mean that pointing out, once, that our records are very similar is 'going on about it'. But pray, do explain how 'West Ham are playing well consistently, we IMO are not' squares with the reality?

I'm so glad that Spurs fans can take the time to watch the Spammers as well.