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    Sadly I don't think West Ham's form is a fluke. The football they're playing at the moment is eye catching and effective. The seem to open up teams at will, and are also defensively sound. I don't remember Curbishley once getting the team to play as well as Zola seems to on a weekly basis.

    The results were going badly, and look how he's turned it around.

    I would love Zola here, but not once did I say sack Harry and bring him in. All I showed was a comparison between two managers who've had similar time at their respective clubs. I drew conclusions from how the two teams seemed to be performing.

    Let's see how they do at the lane.
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    I don't keep going on about it—unless, of course, you mean that pointing out, once, that our records are very similar is 'going on about it'. But pray, do explain how 'West Ham are playing well consistently, we IMO are not' squares with the reality?

    I'm so glad that Spurs fans can take the time to watch the Spammers as well.
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