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Apologies mate. Didn't mean for it to come across like I was calling you out, was just looking for/interested in a response to my reply and question. Maybe it could have been worded better my it wasnt my intention to cause offence.
Hi, please could you remove the rating you left on Hercules post number 53 in the Daily ITK thread. Thanks
It’s in the daily ITK discussion thread. You’ll see a small box with ‘remove rating’ to the right of that post, a roundabout where the ratings would be
Done and I didn’t know that I had made that rating sorry must have been my thumb in the wrong place
No worries, we got there in the end, I thought it was mistakenly given. Thanks for removing it.
Please remove the spam rating you left on the ITK post by Hercules within the Daily ITK Discussion Thread. Thanks in advance.
Hiya, you’ve accidentally left a rating on the last ITK update and we’d be grateful if you removed it. Thanks
Removed it (from the RO section right) ... must have been fat fingers!
Please remove the rating you left on Update 36 which I'm assuming was fat fingers. thanks in advance.
The sports channels are reporting that Spurs have signed an ace midfielder today.....for a lot of loot; I am assuming that this is true and will he will improve the squad?