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    How would you fill the Harry Kane shaped hole?

    Definitely agree that Troy should get a chance, and pretty sure he will. Have a feeling that when he wasn't making the bench a few weeks ago it was 'cos he was coming back from illness or injury, and now he's o.k plus Mourinho has had a full weeks training with the whole team (where you'd...
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    How would you fill the Harry Kane shaped hole?

    Either a 4-2-3-1 with Lo Celso and Winks as the '2' and Moura,Dele,Bergwijn behind Son or (preferably) a 4-3-3 with Winks anchoring and Lo Celso and N'Dombele either side (which obviously needs Tanguy fit) and Son central with Moura and Bergwijn right and left. If N'Dombele not fit and JM...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The Pinball Wizard on DEADLINE DAY!

    Should be pinned to the top of every thread - fairly logical but very few seem to grasp it.
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    Boubakary Soumare

    That would be your initial thought, but then it would have to be an fairly elite club for him to want to leave, and they would a) need to have £35m available and b) need a midfielder of his type (whatever that is exactly). Not sure the list is very long - in fact hard to think of any PL team...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The Tide Is High

    Exactly, and with Bergwijn joining there is even more pace and potential for goals from a front 3 formation. I'd far,far rather see what our manager can do tactically to get our team scoring more goals (which tbf we did see a glimpse of at Southampton), with quick,direct play from tricky,clever...
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    Krzysztof Piatek

    I'm not sure this is clear at all - as far as i can tell (using all available info) it appears that we simply don't have the cash flow to purchase him outright now, so would like to structure a deal reflecting this. ????
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    Krzysztof Piatek

    Anyone who watched him play last night should watch this video to erase the horror of his performance. Amazing to think it's the same player !
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    Krzysztof Piatek

    With the greatest respect, as far as i can remember all of Kanes longer term injuries have been ankle related, which he has caused himself by diving into challenges and basically trying too hard. Nothing to do with over playing. And even his latest injury has been described as a freak injury by...
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    Spurs fans should fear four years of Mourinho’s small-minded cynicism

    Until Jose became our manager i was completely unaware of just how many journalists want to see him fail and will go out of their way to twist the things he's said or blow out of all proportion something he's done. I've listened to a few podcasts and read various reports on him and Spurs and the...
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    Dortmund forward in line to join Spurs on loan

    What a surprising take on things - i thought it seemed pretty obvious that it is not the club but Kane himself, with his drive and desire to chase every milestone available, who is the one that wants to play every single minute of every single game, be it with Spurs or England. In fact i've...
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    Spurs ramp up transfer pursuit of Fulham starlet Steven Sessegnon

    Absolutely - Steven might have been or looked better at U21 or U23 (might) but after that it's just ridiculous not to judge Ryan as the better player at the moment. That's not to say that Steven couldn't overtake Ryan in a couple of years (although pretty unlikely imo).
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    Poch shows no concern over Spurs’ right-back shortage

    We will be 3rd at worst this season. Happy to be mocked in May if we aren't.
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    Poch shows no concern over Spurs’ right-back shortage

    I really like Sanchez, but as a CB not RB. He had a torrid time and was hopelessly exposed in that position against that attack. I have zero problem with him and a massive problem with having Aurier on the bench, yet not bringing him on for the 2nd half, or the last 30 mins (which he must have...
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    The problem with Danny Rose and Spurs' familiar defensive mistake

    Haven't read the article but don't need to, i've said in several different threads this summer how i don't think Rose is anywhere near as good as people think he is. Was thinking to myself this morning that Rose was possibly partly liable for 4 of our 6 conceded goals this season already - which...
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    Has Pochettino’s dinner date with Levy eased the tensions?

    In your opinion - obviously the club would look at the potential resale value of any deal but you are just guessing that we would look to sell NDombele on in a few years and that he was purchased with have an eye on doing just that. Might have been the case pre stadium but doubt that is the...