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    Bale is Back

    I always hoped he would come back for a season or two, but I still can’t believe Levy pulled it off!
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    Jose Mourinho blasts ‘lazy’ players after shock opening weekend defeat

    Yes, but it’s the fact that we played so badly at home that winds fans up. Losing 1-0 to any side isn’t that bad on paper, but if you go all season thinking that’s OK, we won’t win shit.
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    Match Threads Watford vs Spurs - Pre Season Friendly

    He didn’t look fit, so I think the word ‘ponderous’ is a reasonable word to use to describe his performance today. But then again, he did show some good signs of decent play too. I’m so confused...
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    Match Threads Watford vs Spurs - Pre Season Friendly

    He’s injured I think.
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    Joe Hart to Spurs at 33 but when do goalkeepers peak now?

    I’d add Shilton to that list. And maybe A bit of Seaman.
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    Diego Costa open to Spurs transfer as Jose Mourinho offered reunion with ex-Chelsea ace

    I would love it if we signed that wrinkly bastard! It’s about time we had a proper villain in the side.
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    Amazon documentary: 'All or Nothing' series looks set for August 31 release

    Very Spursy of us to have the worst season in years documented into what will no doubt be a painful, cringeworthy, embarrassment of a shitshow. Of course I can’t wait to watch it though!
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    Troy Parrott set for Millwall medical ahead of season-long loan switch

    As has already been said, don’t bank on it! Unfortunately we are probably the only club in the world ever, that thought it was a good idea to sell on Llorente, our only half decent backup to Kane and not replace him. Probably the only club in the world ever to do this knowing that Kane picks up...
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    Match Threads Newcastle vs Spurs - Match Thread

    We look a bit crap so far. Making a bad team look half decent.
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    Brother of Serge Aurier shot dead on the streets at 5am

    Poor Serge. Tanganga is back so will play there at right back I imagine.
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    Match Threads Spurs vs West Ham - Match Thread

    Don’t forget that Spurs favourite James Corden in your lineup!
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    Dier: Eriksen does not deserve to be booed

    Brilliant, you’re funny ;)
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    Dier: Eriksen does not deserve to be booed

    Body language, as in he doesn’t give a crap. You know, body what body langueage is don’t you? Am I speaking Bulgarian or something! Lol