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  • 2 neg reps in 24hr's, you really do value your position as SC's No 1 cocksucker don't you x
    Judging by the posts on your wall I can see why you rated my post the way you did, seeing as people seem to think you're a bit of a tool, you must be desperate to keep up your reputation.
    I make a joke about Bayern not being in for someone and you neg-rep me? How about you let me know why? Either, A) Bayern Munich are something like S.P.E.C.T.R.E. and only you can stop them from taking over the entire world by preventing people from mentioning them on forums B) you are a traffic warden / Tesco security guard / west-stand steward or C) Martin Boorman...
    Neg repping for bayern info was kinda funny, but this was just so ridiculous. What's it to you if I try and start a slightly ethereally toned thread? You don't like it, don't post in it. But deliberately hijacking it was really off. I don't care about the neg rep, but completely sabotaging was uncalled for.
    Actually, it wasn't pointless, Intellectual Flea Boy.
    It was a humorous comment on the way some posters are getting massively excited over recent ITK.
    Don't know if you noticed, but it was in the ITK Thread.
    You are an intellectual flea, with a personality deficit to match the debt of a 3rd World Country.
    This is a place where folk come to relax, have a bit of a laugh and talk about Spurs/football. It is not a place where folk come to endeavour to meet your exacting (boring) standards, and conform to your (very apparent) Little Hitler fixation.
    haha you bastard! wasn't even a Bayern in for joke, was just saying Juve are this years Bayern. Going to get ya back ;-P
    Complete and utter moron, I'm the latest to receive Neg Rep for something that didn't warrant it, It was just a news article on a player we were chasing, I'd Neg rep you back but it would be childish so I'll leave this comment instead.

    Bayern in for Vucinic, I see FMA has already left you a little present :lol:
    I was going to come and leave a nasty message for neg repping me over something so pathetically trivial, but it looks like I've been beaten to the punch, so I'll leave it. :)
    Bromavinci in for Humour Police Headquarters, Bayern.
    Now, I'm putting you on ignore again, be a good little tantrum throwing boy and reciprocate, so I don't have to get mildly perturbed by a slightly annoying power hungry clown somewhere else:roll:
    Pathetic little child. Simple.
    I actually had to take you off ignore, as I suspected my Rep score was going down.
    The ironic thing is I never took part in the 'Bayern in for...' thing, I just found it funny, if a little pathetic that you got so wound up for it, and couldn't follow my advice to brush past such posts (as I do with the many things I disagree with - but there again I'm not a power-hungry Humour Police baby). I didn't even find the 'Bayern' thing funny.

    It is sinister enough that you want to decide what is funny, and try and enforce that, but to 'punish' poster's who have you on ignore (so they don't even see it) for referring to you as the 'Humour Police' is just incredibly childish. And that is exactly what you are - the humour police.
    Pathetic little child. Simple.
    :lol: No need to apologise. I didn't realise this was your campaign but I fully endorse it and am delighted to be made an example of. Keep up the good work. :)
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