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    Willian Jose

    Back in the squad for their cup game today. are reporting a €20m bid rejected, and that Sociedad consider Thursday to be the “deadline”.
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    Krzysztof Piatek

    Rumors of a bid from Hertha Berlin on Milan sites - not sure where the info is from.
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    Player Watch: Tanguy Ndombele

    Sorry, how exactly do people think you improve one’s fitness, by taking a casual stroll? Of fucking course not, you push yourself to the limit, recover properly, and do it again, and over a period of time with a competent training plan your limit gets better and better. Shocking how many people...
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    Olivier Giroud

    I mean, Rafa did worse and people still love him.
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    Krzysztof Piatek

    I saw us miss about seven chances vs Soton that we probably should have buried half of, yeah.
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    Bruno Fernandes

    Knowing how poor Woodward is at negotiating, the actual price will be much higher than the reported price. The agent fees for one thing, plus the money that will be paid to Mendes as a "transfer negotiator"...
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    Player Watch: Giovani Lo Celso

    Always knew Gio would be a big success for us. Of course I was thinking of Gio Dos Santos but only wrong by about a decade I guess..
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    Krzysztof Piatek

    Did a little forum digging to see what Milan fans have been hearing, apparantly they’ve found some reports from Poland saying that our bid is 10m loan fee, plus option to buy (undisclosed).
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    Fa cup draw

    Could be worse. It's a real shame that Pool running away with the league will allow them and City to put more effort into the Cup than they usually would. Could be a more difficult final few rounds than usual.
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    Krzysztof Piatek

    I'd guess we're trying to force them to show their hand a bit - if they absolutely won't consider a loan for any reason, it does weaken their bargaining position by essentially proving they've given up on the player and need to move him. Doesn't stop someone else from outbidding us though, and...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The Three Chairmen

    Only want Can if it’s on loan, he’s an alright player but major deficits in his game, in two years he’s another we’d be struggling to get rid of.
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    Steven Bergwijn

    This is 100% exactly the same thing we did with Son, put him on the plane to London and most of them didn’t know until he hadn’t turned up at training. Details from Sonny’s book: Leverkusen rejects Tottenham's initial offer due to 3 years being left on Son's contract. Levy offers higher fee...
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    Player Watch: Serge Aurier

    Sure, but it wasn’t until that season where our wing back play became the best in the league that every match thread wasn’t full of complaints about Walker making silly mistakes. In a way it was even worse back then, because Walker usually had the pace to make a stupid challenge, get beaten by...
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    Player Watch: Serge Aurier

    The Aurier debates on here remind me so much of the old Kyle Walker thread, before Poch coached the errors out of his game. Wonder if Serge has it in him to improve in the same way, because if he could only cut out the silly mistakes we’d have one hell of a player on our hands...
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    Manager watch: Jose Mourinho

    Think it just implies a 20% sell-on fee.