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    Player Watch...Dele Alli

    My onions. But Dele is badly out of form. There’s still plenty of opportunity for him to turn it around. Eriksen has been poor for almost three years now despite his new contract and change of scenery, and in my opinion he’s done at an elite level. People here were so eager to be angry at him...
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    Player Watch...Dele Alli

    Dele. Eriksen is not the same player he was three years ago.
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    Wout Weghorst

    Has there been any suggestion of why he’s for sale? I though Wolfsburg were fairly wealthy, are they in FFP trouble?
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    The "He's Home!" Gareth Bale Thread

    And he wasn’t just dominant, he was more or less our only real attacking threat! Not like e.g. Ronaldo at Madrid where teams also had to watch out for Benzema/Bale/other world-class attacking players. Half our games the tactical plan was “just give Bale the ball and see what happens”. We knew...
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    The "He's Home!" Gareth Bale Thread

    Has Lyall tweeted anything about the deal being off yet? That might be the last bit of evidence I need to be convinced it’s really happening :LOL:
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The ITK makes me moist edition 16th September

    And to think I was considering tearing up my BSoDL membership card!
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    The "He's Home!" Gareth Bale Thread

    Is Bale still actually a great player? Serious question, haven’t seen much of him in two years or so.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 10th September

    Ha! Vindicated in the Vinicius thread :)
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    Carlos Vinícius

    Ha yeah that’s it, I deleted my post in the itk thread because I decided i was just grasping at straws! Clever...
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    Carlos Vinícius

    Hold on, does this mean I was right about the silly “Portugal the Man” cryptic??
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    Player Watch: Oliver Skipp

    I think Mourinho doesn’t think he’s ready yet. We had zero DMs in our squad last season and Skipp still wasn’t playing much.
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    Habib Diallo

    Thought Dragon's newest ITK would be referring to Diallo, but he's actually a year older than Ollie Watkins, so it must not be...
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    Kim Min-Jae

    I’m quite sure Luton would take him, he was a rock for them and played quite a role in their escaping relegation. Don’t know if they have any cash at all to spend though, probably the same with a lot of Championship clubs.
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    and also Sergio Reguilón

    Usually, the answer is because there are other positions where we don’t have an acceptable player or a potential future talent, and clearly only so much money to go around.
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    Player Watch: Serge Aurier

    TBF I don’t think anyone would be surprised to see JC on loan and CCV loaned/sold. Neither are likely even to make the bench for us very often.