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    Player Watch: Nabil Bentaleb

    Dropping Bentaleb from the starting lineup won't detract from the youth movement. His possible replacements are Dier, Mason, Alli, Carroll, or Winks, all of which are young. And anyway, dropping Bentaleb may light a fire up his ass like it did for Rose last season when Davies was brought in.
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    Team v Stoke

    Lloris Walker Alderweireld Vertonghen Rose Dier Mason Dembele Alli Eriksen Kane
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    Manchester United Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    We need better midfielders. Bentaleb has been lazy with poor passing and Dier is sluggish in moving into spaces to receive the ball. If we don't make substitutions we can only lump it up to our slow attackers or gamble with giving the ball to Bentaleb and Died and hope they don't give it away...
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    Aaron Lennon needs to start

    To say that Lennon was shit under Redknapp is unfair and pure revisionist history. Do you not remember how deadly we were with Lennon and Bale on the wings providing width, and getting on the end of Modric and VDV's passes? Do you forget who torched the AC Milan defense, and provided the...
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    Why are we so slow?

    Levy, not AVB, is the one who botched the Moutinho deal.
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    Walker makes a huge difference!

    The problem is that both of them lack footballing I.Q.. Hopefully Poch can teach them to have better positioning, seeing as Poch was a defender himself.
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    Besiktas Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    I agree. We don't have any player with the size/strength to hold up the ball or with pace to beat defenders to through balls. I bet Poch wants one of Bony or Benteke as well, since he had a similar player at Southampton with Lambert. Kane is a good finisher but is not yet on the level of a...
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    Besiktas Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Didn't Soldado play as a lone striker at Valencia?
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    Andros Townsend

    He has 0 assists for us and 1 goal which was a cross...
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    Spot The Difference

    The attacking philosophies seem much different. Under AVB, we passed between the CB's until the other team got bored, and hoped that Bale could produce a miraculous long shot goal. Pochettino seems to want to move the ball forward quickly. We saw more through-balls against Schalke then in any...
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    Spurs vs Chicago Fire

    Anyone else impressed by Luke McGee? I know we didn't see much of him, but he looked to be a good distributor of the ball. When he got the ball, he looked calm, and passed short each time instead of hoofing the ball long.
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    The Weekend ITK Discussion Thread 26/27 July 2014

    I don't understand why people wanted Caulker, but now are dismissing Shawcross.
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    Well, we got Lamela from Roma. Is Benatia that much more sought after than Lamela was last year?
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    The Weekend ITK Discussion Thread 19/20 July 2014

    Sandro's passion didn't help us get into the top 4 or play attractive football the last few years. I like Sandro too and would like to keep him, but he offers little offensively and is now a potential liability injury-wise. If we have to sell Sandro to bring in players like Schneiderlin, then...
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    Lacina Traore

    He didn't look like a donkey when he played against us in Europa League. He looked quick for his size, with decent dribbling, and he out-muscled Sandro once.