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  • Hi lily of the lane, I haven't seen you around for a while and wondered where you'd got to. The forum needs you! maybe you should take up Russian and become Pavlyuchenko's new stalker? ;-)
    Just popping in to say hello! Going to go to bed now, so not a very long hello sadly. I do hope you're OK and just a case of self exile.

    Lemme know if you're keeping well still. Board's worse off without ya, Lil.

    Take it easy m'dear.
    Hi Lil,

    I'm getting worried about you girl !

    You haven't been online (apart from a few sneaky peeks) since we last cyber-spoke !

    I hope are ok - I saw your last post with a certain person, I hope you haven't gone awol 'cos of that. there are a lot of virtuals on here that admire/like/love/lookforward to your knowledgeable post ( me 200% included)

    Pease don't let one or two peeps crappy posts put you off the site, there are some nice guys and girls on here, even I can be nice sometimes, the trick is to ignore the fuggers,
    these cyber warriors are puffed up eejits.

    Yet here I am - A mere spalspeen, a rogue of the highest order, hoping ..

    1) You are O.K.
    2) Carry on the cause.

    Let me know you are OK girl....

    P.S. I got my Op date ... 22nd Jan 09 ... Plus Last Friday my No.1 Son Paul who is 29 in March/09 phoned me to tell me his g/f is in the family way, I have two granddaughters already - I really would love a grandson, I really would.
    He is a steady Old Boy, my son Paul, born in '80 made a Spurs fan by me - he had no choice then. I love him and all of them to bits.

    Missing you, honestly.

    all the best to you Lil...
    Hi Lil, Haven't seen you posting in the last few days,hope all is ok with you !
    Just a quick pm to let you know I was at the Hosp y'day ..
    Saw the anaethetist and he has given the OK for my stomach ok, they will be letting me know when to stop taking one of my meds for 10 days prior to admittance, the will book a bed for me and also a high dependency bed as back up cos of thie ticker history, I was really impressed with the set-up at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow, my a/p was for 3pm and I was seen at a quarter to 3, had an ecg etc, done the necessary and out by 3.30 - It was like being a private patient, nothing which we would expect from the shabbier ones I have been used to.

    That all for now..
    Lily, you've made a wonderful impression. Thank you.

    Saludos, desde la ciudad de Guate Paul
    seriously are you St. Pauli? Joey is Hamburg (I believe he lived there) so we need to convince him to join the friendly club :)
    Hey Lil!
    It's just a shame he doesn't look like Berba, haha! He is tall, dark and very handsome though!
    The height difference can be a problem but I just love having a tall bloke to look after little me! It can have it advantages too ;-)
    Especially when I would love a shot working on one of their sports desks to showcase my opinions. Never mind - it's the way of the world.
    Don't worry about the lifting.

    When I worked on local newspapers my stories came out on a Thursday. On a Friday morning I would open the Telegraph and always see one of my stories - cut and pasted word for word - with another person's by-line on. Not pleasing.
    Thanks Lil, he he.

    Thanks for your kind words. I try and lighten the mood sometimes. So how old are you? I assumed you were Bulgarian for some reason - maybe because you translated some Berb interviews a while ago?
    Hello, Lil.

    Missing it all too, haven't had internet for over two weeks and can't login on my phone. I shall be back soon.

    Hope you're well.

    Thanks! Hope your shoulder heals fully soon!

    *Supportive high five back*
    Hellooooo! :hello:

    Good to hear you're hitting the gym (although you're probably already lovely! ;-)).

    I'm gonna do spin them pump Monday morning mwa ha ha!!!! It's soooo gonna hurt!

    Then I can run up and down beaches Hoff-Stylee next year! :-D

    Like the status saying docking everybody's wages! :lol:
    hey lily, the party was alright, a bit of a bad show by party goers to be honest but i still got the chance to strut my stuff with the robot dance :lol:

    yeah its all over, i was enjoying it as well, oh well never mind, there's always next year, i might even go for more skin :lol:
    Have you got Email? I will sent you it via Email......My gawd looking at him suddenly makes me weak!
    Just looked at his pics on the profile and OMG he somehow can make me almost faint by looking him, he is so buff. I didn't even know I liked him

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