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  • You should take the internet less seriously mate, and get out of my private notes, my herpes is none of your business tbh.
    Yet you’re the one feeling the need to contact me outside of a thread, weird
    You're the one bring up herpes in a football forum ... Bit personal m8 ...

    Never mind, keep grinding your axe! Toodle pip!

    "Kum ba yah, my lord, Kum ba yah!
    Kum ba yah, my lord, Kum ba yah!
    Kum ba yah, my lord, Kum ba yah.
    O Lord, Kum ba yah"
    If you look under the Username, the Avatars (funny little picture thangs - well, I dunno how much you know), and the 'location', etc. there are three icons. If you hover over them (well, the pointer) they should tell you what they are. The one in the middle is 'rep'. Click on it and you will have a message box where you can (not required) say why you are repping. Then be sure to click on the 'positive' rep and not the 'negative' rep. Taht's all there is to it :)
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