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  • Just posted two tickets for the Chelsea match on Ticket Exchange on the Spurs website. They wont be there long - and this is a heads up!
    Hi PT

    Just had a thread closed because I posted an image of Jenas. Copyright?

    All forums contain images from the Internet. What's changed?
    Hi PT
    Any chance you could please explain the reasoning behind my infraction? I am still mightily confused. There is some extremely antagonistic and distasteful vitriol on this site, but never from me.
    Why the infraction? Do I have a right of reply, and an explanation, not least so that if there is any justification, I don't blunder into an infraction again.
    I feel like a naughty schoolboy. Ridiculous.
    Thank you.
    Can you please explain why I have an infraction? Why? I used no abusive language. The only swear word was a copy of the previous poster who had abused me in the first place?
    I used no bad language, no strong insult. Extraordinary - I would be the last person ever to do so.
    So, why have I got an infraction after some of the awful things I see written on this site, and I have posted only 3 times, always in an attempt to inspire debate, and never viciously or rudely?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you.
    Hi PT

    I hope you are well

    Please can we remove my infraction? I honestly wasn't trolling just expressing my opinion that Bale should play left midfield. I did not see any other threads posted before and it wasn't a deliberate attempt to annoy anyone. I'd never heard of StartingPrice although he did take it personally.

    If I did it I certainly wouldn't feel as hard done by as to bring it up months later.


    Hi PT,

    Can we please lose the 'racism' tag from my account page? It's inaccurate, as discussed at the time, and it certainly paints me in a bad light.

    Yeah I've just searched the Villa thread and this is what you wrote 'id rather have juan mata at 15'

    And then later on in the thread you went on to say how you've been telling us about it all along!

    It wouldn't bother me but the fact you're using it as leverage in this thread to try and get people to believe your bullshit I just find it a bit too much to swalllow.

    This bloke is being a twat. I think he should be dealt with. I will let you handle it so it doesnt become a slanging match
    Your page had no messages, so I'm just saying Hello PT :hello:
    (and having a quick nose around).

    I need to take my mind off Ar*e's "kids" scoring 6 tonight. :silenced:
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