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  • Fair enough,no doubt Bromley has its faults but it is amazing how many Spurs fans there are down here. With the dominance of Arsenal in London and then the rise of Chelsea its gratifying to know how well represented we are!
    Hey specspurs. Wasn't having a dig at Bromley. I have a couple of mates who live there, and have visited a few times. I was just thinking of anywhere that isn't Manchester that could represent their non-local fan base.
    No worries mate,

    Come join the fun and i'll give you some + rep. First few years I rarely posted and preferred to read instead but in the last 12-18 months I cant stop myself from posting- Come and join me in 'scouting' in general football- i can rep you then.

    Yeah the grey colour made me think you neg repped me - never mind.

    How about being friends?
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