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    Mourinho says players "mentally died" after farcical VAR decision

    I alluded to Mourinho winning trophies at United and Real, but both hired him to win the league (United) or the CL (Real) and not sure he ever looked like doing either. He changed the mindset and culture at Chelsea that won them the league and put down the foundation for their CL win. He...
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    Mourinho says players "mentally died" after farcical VAR decision

    On the game itself, I am at a loss to explain how poor we were at the back and in attack. We were okay from 18 to 18, but in both penalty areas we were awful and that in the end is where teams will be judged. I watch SU play all the time and the way to beat them is to hit them on the counter at...
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    Mourinho says players "mentally died" after farcical VAR decision

    The issue I had with the goal being disallowed was the ball did not go from Moura to Kane so there was no advantage. The ball went to the Sheffield United defender so technically there was a change in possession. Had he cleared it over Moura play would have been waved on and the ball would have...
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    Sheffield United v Spurs - team news

    Look good on the break. We have pace between the 18s but our final ball and decision making when we get around the opposition penalty area is painfully slow.
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    Team news for Man Utd Home (PL)

    Mourinho did what Mourinho does in terms of how he set the team up. Had they team held on to win 1-0 he probably would have been justified in his team selection. The team looked tired at the end so why not use fresh legs off the bench when United had done? He said he could't manage the game...
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    Premier League wage stand-off showing the very worst of football as angry players stand defiant against owners

    I made some points about this topic on an earlier thread and was ridiculed for my initial comments, but when I said most were from first hand experience they were better received. Keep in mind that the PFA represents all professional players in the English League, from the PL down to League Two...
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    Premier League 'to cancel season' claims club chief amid coronavirus crisis

    TV needs the games so sooner or later they will be played behind closed doors. The viewing figures for the first live game be it in England, Spain, Germany or Italy will be immense. Betting on the game will also generate huge sums. Sponsors, whats left of them, will be happy. Leagues will...
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    Message from the Chairman

    I am the son of a minimum wage footballer and of the apprentice generation where I was paid with a bus pass and a meal. In time I have played with, played against, coached with, coached against, worked with and for players on huge sums of money. Some of my comments were based on first hand...
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    Message from the Chairman

    To be fair to the chairman the decision to reduce contracts for the playing staff is not his to make. That decision must come from the PFA in consultation with the EPL. I know players on millions a year who do not live within their means. They are mortgaged to the hilt and pay out of pocket for...
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    Why Ndombele could be a bigger problem than Spurs realised

    The concern for me is our recruitment policy. Who watched the player? How many times? How many people? Did the manager? Was their a background check on training attitude? Commitment to improving? What were the red flags? Who was he compared to? Did anyone look into his fitness history? His...
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    Match Threads Spurs vs RB Leipzig 1st leg - Match Thread

    There is nothing around the Leipzig area and other than the old East German club Lokomotive there hasn't been a team to support. Leipzig despite the RB connections has managed to attract a fan base crying out for a Bundesliga team to call its own. They have built it from the ground up, so while...
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Southampton - Cup Replay Match Thread

    Do they sound like the experts on here?
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Manchester City - Match Thread

    Speaking of Rangers managers, Souness despite being school by our own Bill Nicholson was that type of player. He crocked Tony Galvin in the 1982 League Cup Final to nullify his threat. It worked. We lost. Souness has a number of such tackles in his scrapbook especially in his player-manager days...
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    Cameron Carter-Vickers: Luton Town sign him on loan

    If that is the plan we should have signed Pulisic. CCV not going to draw in many fans or sell too many shirts. Pulisic will pay off for Chelsea long term.
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    Lo Celso transfer confirmed / Eriksen to Inter

    Hate to add: And won nothing.