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  • Welcome back SP, been weird without your insanity, though everybody else has been bonkers
    Your welcome.

    The funniest thing is, it worked like a charm. I should really do another one to ensure our CL spot, hopefully an automatic spot too. Although, I don't think I can screw lady luck like that again :)
    Apologies SP - Just popped over to Bromavinci's page to make my feelings clear about him neg-repping me for mentioning Bayern, and in doing so I made reference to Martin Boorman. Only after I had posted did I notice your reference to Hitler. Didn't want you to think I was jumping on your wagon. :)
    Dear starting price,
    first allow me to thank you for being the first person to leave me a message.
    Second I have to say I skim read your message, don't take this personally, I always do that.

    I don't really remember what your post said or what the thread was about
    so I'm not going to argue the point, other than that if I said anything it was obviously for a reason
    I think you take the rep system to personally.

    In real life I am sure we would be best friends.
    Perhaps go the to the gym and train together, pick up fine babes together,
    give constructive criticism of each others art etc.
    Buds always
    I would never snipe you from a hideout, so you can put the body armour away.
    Good'Day, Portnor (to be heard in SPs Aussie impression).
    I is fair goode, thow, I seem sumwise confus-ed by theis new fangled modern machinery machination thingammybobs.
    How bees you, sor.

    Greyfriars Bobbo, the original, a blessed wee film so it was...would bring a tear to yer eye and a lump to yer, I mean a lump to yer throat.

    And how are you young fella me goes it apprehend the miscreants of society?

    Question: compliments of what season, exactly, Easter is long gone, and Christmas is yet far off?
    been out of the loop for some time but im a man of my word and id be glad to give you the legal help you needed on that thing if you still require it?
    Old friend, go about your business as usual. When the time is right i will come for you. It is with great sorrow that i must inform you that your life is in great danger. Amongst the forums lurks many a rogue and assassin. Tread carefully, brother. Until our next correspondence i bid you a glorious farewell.
    Yes, yes, my old com-padre. Now you are on the righteous path of purification. You truly are the son of Lugh, my brother. Wash away the demons Cu Chulainn. Walk with me into the light and let us besiege this forum of impurity. It has been a long four centuries since we walked the Bridge of Clandootha. Our bodies grow old and weary but we have one last journey ahead of us. Join me....
    My old friend, I have observed you from a far these past months. Watching. Watching your every move. What has happened to you dear comrade? Do you not remember many moons ago when we spilt the same blood in the same mud whilst fighting alongside Hengest and Horsa. Brother, how you have fallen. A shadow has been cast upon ye by the lord god Woden. Resist this temptation to fall beneath with the underlings. I will reveal my true form in due course but in the meantime you must ride again through the forums of SC slaying heathens as you journey into the centre of the abyss.
    You are not the man you used to be! You are drowning in a sea of mediocrity and smileys. The ruling powers have lobotomised you, my old friend.
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