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  1. Jamturk

    Team Vs Everton

    My team based on fitness and suspensions: Lloris Walker Dier Toby Rose Wanyama Winks Lamela Alli Eriksen Kane Subs: Vorm, Davies, Trippier, Mason, Carroll, Edwards, Janssen
  2. Jamturk

    RIP Patrick Ekeng

    Sad news tonight, only 26. Is there a problem with Africans and their Hearts?
  3. Jamturk

    The Michael Dawson Appreciation thread

    Although I agree in principle to the sale I am very sad that someone so commited to our club was deemed no longer of the standard to remain. Good Luck daws and thanks
  4. Jamturk

    Crowd reaction for Arry

    Little debate about Harry on Talksport about are feelings towards him, its his first game back since leaving. My own feelings are that although he sometimes irked us with his pragmatic realism he made us play some great football in a consistent way and I hope we forget about the politics of...
  5. Jamturk

    Does this make you happy or sad?

    Well run club? Biggest sellers in the league, maybe the world. 3rd biggest spenders We are in constant flux.
  6. Jamturk

    Appetite injuries

    I don't doubt that some are carrying genuine injuries. However I am very dubious about the amount and where and when certain injuries arise. I think that some are feigning i'm afraid.
  7. Jamturk

    Avb on talksport tonight....

    .... on the Keys n Gray show. Could be interesting. Heads up
  8. Jamturk

    Who is responsible for transfers?

    I would like to know who controls transfers at our club, some points I would like to make. 1, No Left back cover which has seen us having to push our best centre back out of position and unbalanced the side. 2, Leaves us with 2 strikers who don't suit the system the head coach wishes to play...
  9. Jamturk

    Talksport: My sporting life Spurs

    On now
  10. Jamturk

    does AvB want Torres?

    Shows sympathy for his sending off when he should have been highlighting his girlie scratch on Verts face. Doesn't defend Verts and allows Mourinho to hog the headlines slagging Verts off. Why?
  11. Jamturk

    Who will Madrid come after next time?

    With Bale possibly on his way, and our excellent record in building coveted players I thought I would ask which of the following players in peoples mind has the most potential to be our next big thing. p.s Of course that player might not be with us yet just a bit of fun.
  12. Jamturk

    The elephant in the room

    I know this may not be popular and unpalatable, but with a new contract not signed, Levy chucking money around early and murmurings of prices being quoted to 2 clubs. Is it the case we are spending the Bale money?
  13. Jamturk

    All credit to Avb but Levy you let us down

    1 point, 2 strikers, end of August dealings. Was it worth it mr chairman? How much is the difference between champions league and europa? Good business?
  14. Jamturk

    Message to the players, TIME TO STEP UP!

    The most disappointing thing in the transfer window for me was'nt the over rated samba striker we did'nt pay over the odds for, it has been the performances of our team. We dropped points against QPR and Norwich and crashed out of the cup to Leeds, unforgivable. We have an abundance of...
  15. Jamturk

    Darren Bent anyone?

    Probably available in January for knock down price,i believe he is a good goalscorer and would suit our system better this time around. He played his best football in the counter attacking Charlton team. I know everybody would like the Cavani's and falco's in this world but being realistic we...
  16. Jamturk

    Traitors get out of our club now!

    Now we know where the Sun got their story. Richard Keys ‏@tSKeysandGray Tim Sherwood told us today Spurs were tired - over trained -and unhappy with AVB. Doesn't look like that to me Get the fuck out traitor ****!
  17. Jamturk

    VdV no, Modric no we are missing Parker

    This is key I feel, the quicker we get him back the better Am I the only 1 who thinks Huddlestone got sent off purposely?
  18. Jamturk

    If you booed on Saturday

    You disgust me and I'd rather you did'nt support our club
  19. Jamturk

    The first press conference

    Listening Talkshite the Portugeezer correspondent mentioned about the first press conference being crucual for AVB going forward. With this in mind what questions do you think will be fired at him and what in your view would be the best response? I'll kick off After Harry Redknapp taking...
  20. Jamturk

    What does this signal?

    Reading Harrys quotes today, the most poignant thing he said for me was: When I turned up for my meeting with Daniel Levy I didn’t know what to expect. I was just told by the chairman that he had spoken to the owner of the club and things were changing. I wanted to stay but that’s life...